SAP Fiori UI,UX & Design Thinking

SAP Fiori UI,UX & Design Thinking
SAP Fiori User Interface, User Experience and Design Thinking

In the present world, where IT consumerization plays a big role, end client desires from Enterprise business frameworks have additionally changed. Users comprehend that frameworks which are worked around client needs give them a better user experience, as well as business advantages like higher profitability and quick response. SAP Fiori provides the entryways for Enterprise Mobility by simplifying SAP’s User interface. Now let us see a brief overview on Fiori UI, UX and design thinking.

What do you need to understand about UI, UX and Design Thinking?

When we work with SAP Fiori apps, we might often come across the terms UI, UX and Design thinking. Most of the times, we get confused with these three terms thinking that, they all refers to the same thing. But in general, they are diverse parts of the riddle, all cooperating to strengthen the new way we have to consider the enterprise software.

The User Interface (UI) is the thing that the individual collaborates with, similar to the screen on his mobile, desktop or tablet and mostly the interaction is by users’ touch or sight.

What is UI UX

The User Experience (UX) is the most extensive setting where the UI exists. It describes the individuals’ role and satisfaction which they encounter in the above mentioned devices or the product. In other words, we can say that, user experience is the general interaction that individuals have with the product and how they feel about it.

User Experience UX

Now Design Thinking is a process or the way in which you create the better User interface so as to provide the best User experience to the customers. It is the approach for practical findings and resolution to problems and thus we can say that the result of design thinking is the UI & UX. Design thinking requires skills & mindset to discover end user needs, use them to design and code for delivering a good end product.

UI UX Design Thinking Process Map
Importance of Fiori UI, UX and design Thinking:

Since the workers expect a customer grade client experience and also Business applications ought to be natural, customized, and tuned to the way clients really work .This can be achieved by the improved SAP Fiori user experience with excellent UI design principles for the end product. SAP Fiori is the ultimate solution for SAP programming. It applies cutting edge outline standards for a totally reconsidered client experience. SAP Fiori’s User experience speaks to a customized, responsive and straightforward client experience across multiple devices and organization alternatives.

SAP Fiori UX Design Principles
SAP Fiori UX Design Principles

SAP Screen Personas permits organizations to enhance client profitability by customizing their SAP ERP screens. Rearrange screens by evacuating unused fields, changing over free content section to pull-down menus, and mechanizing repeating keystrokes. The role-based approach of Fiori apps helps to decompose tasks, based on the user needs and how he/she works with their environment. The key design principle of SAP Fiori is to make all the apps responsive i.e. it supports all the devices with varying screen sizes and at any time. Now, a single user can perform all his tasks for which he is responsible in a simple and elegant way. The coherent UI design provides one fluid and seamless experience to the users. Fiori’s easy adoption technique makes an emotional connection with the end-user and improves usability.

Tools required to implement new Fiori User Experience
  • SAP Screen Personas for modernizing SAP GUI and applying Fiori design or customer- branded design.
  • SAP Web IDE for building and extending SAP Fiori apps.
  • S/4 HANA, Ariba Mobile and SAP Hybirs Cloud for bringing innovation to SAP Business scope.
  • Fiori Launchpad, Fiori Client and SAP Portal for consuming Fiori apps.

Who can work on SAP Fiori UI, UX architecture?


Business User

Business Expert,
Implementation Consultant

Business Expert Implementation Consultant


SAP Developer

In general, design implementation requires UI development and coding capabilities as well as skills to understand end user needs. SAP Fiori UX architecture can be designed by:

  • Business Users whose changes should not affect others. Eg: One who wants to change order of columns in a table, format dates/numbers, hide/unhide tabs or few apps on Launchpad.
  • Business experts or Implementation Consultant whose changes affects people in his/her line-of –business or company. Eg: one who wants to add business rules/logic, custom fields, tables, reports etc. or change them or use his own company theme/logo.
  • Developers whose changes should affect people in his company. Eg: one who wants to add or change complex business logics or decouple programming life cycle of standard applications.
Benefits of SAP Fiori UI, UX and Design thinking:

Consider a scenario of ‘Leave Request Process’. An employee in an organization might want to request for leave. He/she may not be aware of his/her available leave balance or the leave entitlement that has been already requested by another colleague of the same team. Also he/she needs to mention proper leave duration if they are working under different shifts. Additionally, they have to wait for their managers’ approval which may be processed through HR.

Benefits of SAP Fiori UI, UX and Design thinking

Now, the whole scenario changes with the readily available SAP Fiori apps all with their own design and functionality. SAP Fiori My Leave Request app permits employees to instantly create and send their leave demands, including permissions, from their mobile devices to their managers for approval. It enables to easily track status of the request, view available leave balance, raise attendances on training and business trips, view/add attachments, pull back or reset leave requests and add a note to the approver.

SAP Fiori My Leave Request app

Similarly, a decision-making HCM manager can use Approve Leave Requests app to instantly browse, approve or reject leave requests sent by his employees while away from his desk. It gives managers access to team calendar and leave subtle elements to adequately arrange and oversee leave demands.Additionally, HR managers can view leave entitlement details, view employee’s leave history and take decisions based on his/her available leave balance.

Once, if the leave is approved an employee can track its status from his or her device readily and can go for further processing if needed. SAP Fiori design principles not just stops here. They continue to evolve over time to meet end users’requirements day-by-day. Fiori design guidelines are also available for IOS, where you have separate UI elements such as (Action sheets, buttons, navigation bar, label etc.) and various views (like image view, analytical view, map view, checklist view etc.) for creating SAP Fiori ios apps. For more information visit here

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