SAP Fiori for iOS

SAP Fiori for iOS
Introduction: SAP Fiori for iOS

This blog emphasizes on overview of SAP Fiori for iOS and the design principles for creating intuitive iOS mobile Fiori apps.

SAP Fiori for iOS
What is SAP Fiori Client?

SAP Fiori Client is a native mobile application runtime container for SAP Fiori apps. It determines a predetermined set of native device capabilities such as barcode scanning and geolocation to SAP Fiori apps. Developers can use the SAP Mobile Platform SDK to build a custom SAP Fiori client for iOS and Android.
SAP fiori Client app for iOS Devices
SAP fiori client app has been designed for both iphone as well as ipad. You can download the Fiori client app from the Apple “App Store”. With this app, you can increase your productivity by handling your common daily business tasks such as approve or reject proposals, view key insight data and real-time information on your mobile phones and take action immediately. So, you might think “Why should I run my apps on SAP Fiori Client rather than running the apps on my mobile browser? ”

Here’s the answer to this question,

As I have mentioned earlier in the introduction part, Running Fiori apps in a mobile web-browser doesn’t have access to many device-specific capabilities such as the camera or the contact information. But by using SAP Fiori Client app, you can make use of your mobile capabilities for the SAP Fiori apps. Also, SAP Fiori Client can easily leverage the offline OData capabilities offered by the server. With those offline capabilities implemented in a smart way, a web application like Fiori can easily switch to offline OData without requiring modifications to the application’s code.

SAP Fiori Design Guidelines iOS

While creating iOS applications, it is important to follow the design principles offered by SAP. Design Principles: SAP Fiori gives a reliable and comprehensive client experience for SAP programming. By making outwardly satisfying outlines with a solid spotlight on usability, the experience is natural and straightforward, over all gadgets. With easy connection designs, the SAP
Fiori UX is intended for a capable effect over your enterprise. The design philosophy SAP Fiori depends on five center standards. SAP Fiori user experience is role-based, adaptive, simple, coherent, and delightful.

Adaptive Design :

At the point when planning SAP Fiori applications for iOS, it is essential to make your design versatile. Ensure your app support all device types. The applications can develop the diverse gadgets instead of scale. There are two sizes which ought to be viewed as: customary and conservative. You need to plan in a way that the design is adaptable and can demonstrate additional data, activities, and so on if necessary.

Grid Layout:

The iOS Human Interface Guidelines characterize the agreeable least size of tappable UI components as 44 x 44 px. On a retina show, two pixels are what might as well be called one, so the base size is 88 x 88 px. The matrix serves as an adaptable reference format for situating the tappable UI controls, bringing about enhanced parity and information soundness.


Navigation in SAP Fiori for iOS follows standard native navigation pattern. When a user navigates to a new screen from home screen, the user’s system default navigation is in place. The user starts from the home screen of the app and navigates forward into the apps through multiple screens with the help of forward navigation. The back navigation function allows the user to go back to the previous screen.

Discover the different app Views:

When designing an application, you must be able to choose the preferred view for the apps. By doing this, the app provides a better visualization also satisfying the end user. There are few common views followed in iOS app like analytic view, create view, object view, split view, table view and worklist view. Refer to the link to get more details on SAP Fiori iOS Design principles.


Feel free to follow up or raise any doubts regarding SAP Fiori functional or technical aspects. You can also read more about Mobolutions, SAP Partner, at where we specialize in Fiori implementation and deployment of standard and custom Fiori apps. You can also connect with us on LinkedIn & Facebook

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