Discover the Value of Simplicity and Enhance Digital Experience with Combined Power of S/4 HANA & SAP Fiori

Discover the Value of Simplicity and Enhance Digital Experience with Combined Power of S/4 HANA & SAP Fiori

Due to a radical shift in focus from products to experience, primitive Software and applications prove to be cumbersome and costly. For purposes of evaluating business decisions more effectively and to discover the value of simplicity, companies are considering to implement S/4 HANA. On the other hand, companies expect a more seamless and intuitive user experience that include most advanced features and options without restrictions in accessing business information on the move. Despite the efforts to simplify operations and diversify business strategies, companies do not run with appropriate efficiency, therefore, leading to use maximum resources to complete day-to-day tasks

Some of the major business challenges include
  • Difficulties with handling larger transaction volumes
  • Increased effort and higher IT administration costs
  • Complex and cumbersome business logics
  • Complicated and confusing UIs
The choices are big

SAP S/4 HANA is a next-generation business suite allowing SAP businesses to benefit from a more unified and real-time access to business data on the move on the cloud or on-premise. SAP S/4 HANA offers maximum choice to SAP users to flexibly align business functions and systems in line with their business requirements. In addition, SAP S/4 HANA runs on the HANA database to provide extensive support with dynamic tiering, instant data access, remote or offline data synchronization and SAP ASE accelerators. Furthermore, SAP HANA Cockpit allows administrators to perform faster delta backups, diagnose and quickly troubleshoot unresponsive devices.
Within the scope of simplifying the use of business data and improvising the user experience, customers are choosing SAP Fiori with S/4 HANA, this means SAP businesses can consume data of SAP S/4HANA by integrating with Fiori to provide a more intuitive and simplified user experience.

Lightweight and modern SAP HANA Fiori apps

SAP S/4 HANA allows making full use of analytical capabilities to increase business performance. As a SAP HANA user, you can build applications that integrate and controls various control logic with an unprecedented performance. Within the scope of using a HANA database, a growing set of Fiori Analytical apps and Factsheets are available to provide you comprehensive visibility to support in making mission-critical financial decisions.

Responsive and ready-to-use financial reports

SAP Fiori allows redesigning business processes with a focus on exceptional and critical tasks. With the combination of S/4 HANA, you can remove barriers between transactional, analytical and reporting systems, to deliver instant business insights on-the-fly across all dimensions of financial data. Most importantly, SAP Fiori allows you to easily change these processes flexibly as they evolve without compromising on the usability and user experience on any device.

Intuitive and seamless user experience

SAP Fiori is highly focused on User Experience. Whether evaluating business decisions or making strategic implications about business, you can expect a simpler and intuitive user experience. SAP businesses already using S/4 Simple Finance can leverage Fiori to navigate and drill down to any level to achieve granular insights. This means you can access Financial reports in-depth, to predict, simulate and make financial decisions, all with a beautiful user experience.

Flexible integration and customization options

For businesses of any size, the processes are ever-changing. If you are considering a mix of Fiori and S/4 HANA, you can tailor business processes easily. The speed, the flexibility, and customizations are never likely to cause a frustration. SAP HANA Fiori apps can easily integrate with other platforms. In addition, SAP HANA Cloud Platform provides an integrated framework for development and deployment of innovative cloud extensions or Fiori apps that can be extended for use on the HANA Cloud Platform.


Unlike traditional database systems, SAP HANA allows simplifying business logic much faster to accelerate deployment time to go live in less than 5 weeks. Demonstrate and respond to business decisions much faster. Extend the use of SAP Fiori apps with S/4 HANA to make full use of extensive capabilities while increasing application performance, reduce total cost of ownership to enable new development scenarios.

HANA Fiori apps

Create and manage innovative application HANA Fiori apps provide most advanced data-driven dashboards, compelling set of analytics, KPIs and metrics to make simplified business decisions. HANA Fiori apps for SAP businesses include more than 200+ Fiori analytical apps and over 200+ fact sheets or reports to give you comprehensive and simplified financial information to support informed decision making with complete visibility

Value drivers
  • Engage with your business 24/7*365 to jointly drive value, based on real-time analysis of financial and operational business scenarios on the fly
  • Improves decision-making ability by simplifying high-level business data; providing a 360-degree view of accurate, up-to-date financial information in real time
  • Advances the quality of your financial analyses with predictive and simulation capabilities with a more personalized information and KPIs, metrics and dashboards
  • Integrate Fiori with S/4 HANA and take advantage of more intuitive and interactive user experience, allowing users to engage more closely with the business to drive innovation
  • Deliver operational excellence by optimizing core and commonly used business processes; provides relevant and greater business insights into the organization’s financial position

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