Advantages and benefits using Fiori rather than GUI

Advantages and benefits using Fiori rather than GUI

SAP Fiori was born as a response to the ever-growing digital world that requires the modern workforce to be adaptable working on the move across locations and time zones. The SAPGUI was less adaptive restricting users primarily to the desktop or laptop which didn’t provide a lot of flexibility for its users. Say, a manager who is frequently traveling and has to approve a leave request can do so easily with a tablet or mobile phone. And even a quality analyst in a shop floor can monitor asset defects in real-time over a mobile device without the constraints of being restricted to a desktop or laptop.
Here are some common Fiori characteristics that distinguishes it as the modern UX from SAP:

Simple − Focused on what is important i.e. single user can perform all his tasks for which he is responsible. It’s intuitive and easy-to-use with minimal wait time as essential functions are straightforward to navigate.

Role-based – Classic SAP GUI was transaction-oriented whereas Fiori comes with simplified role based navigation and business function access; based on the user needs and how the user works with their environment. It is user-centric and goal-oriented.

Responsive − Consumption across devices, versions and channels with a single user experience without much ado about the OS or browser

Multi-platform − Planned to be running on multiple platforms – ABAP (available today), SAP Portal, SAP HANA Cloud Portal and HANA and across devices

Delightful performance – Makes an emotional connection with the end-user and improves usability. The user can have control over the layout of the homepage and how they choose to navigate by re-arranging tiles, add, delete, rename and reorder groups without a hassle.

Coherent UI design – Provides one fluid and seamless experience to the users
Visit, the following link to experience the difference in working with the traditional GUI and SAP Fiori in the Clear Incoming Payments app for an example.

At the bottom of the Clear Incoming Payments app contrast are figures that clearly show the difference in user experience with a 53% reduction in duration, 55% reduction of clicks, 96% reduction in screen changes and 66% reduction of fields filled.

Business Benefits for Fiori
  • Improves user adoption by simplifying and automating day-to-day tasks across any device with an appealing UX design tailored to key tasks and activities
  • Boosts workforce productivity by getting more done in lesser time as SAP software usage is rendered much more simplified
  • Increases compliance and data quality by making it easier to enter information into your system of record with pull-down menus and radio buttons reducing data entry errors
  • Reduces training and support costs with simple, role-based screens that decrease the heavy training cost companies invest in training their employees on how to use SAP
  • Easily extend or build customized SAP Fiori apps with SAP developer tools like SAP WebIDE and SAP Eclipse

Are you interested to know more about migration to Fiori from SAP GUI? Do leave us a comment and we’ll get back!

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