How SAP Big Data Unleashes Hidden Potential Locked Away in your Enterprise Data

How SAP Big Data Unleashes Hidden Potential Locked Away in your Enterprise Data

Statistics suggest that 60% – 73% of all data in an enterprise go unused. The question here is many organizations collect data on a massive scale, but do they realize the true power of Big Data?

Gaining business value from Big Data in the past was hindered by three main factors:
  • Where to store the data
  • How to process diverse and unstructured data types
  • How to sync enterprise information architecture with Big Data environments

These factors contributed to enterprise silos, expensive and time-consuming manual solutions for sharing information. SAP Leonardo’s Big Data capabilities offer a robust approach for today’s enterprise data landscapes that are growing increasingly complex. With solutions that easily ingest, store, process and share petabytes of information, customers overcome silos and drive value in the diversity of today’s enterprise information.

SAP Data Hub, a DataOps Management is the SAP Big Data solution, that enables agile data operations across the enterprise. It enables data sharing, pipelining and governance of all data in the connected landscape. SAP Data Hub is an open data architecture that works across Hadoop, relational databases, data lakes, enterprise applications, cloud object storage, and more.

Unifying a Complex Enterprise Data Landscape

SAP Leonardo Big Data solution bridges the Big Data value gap by processing diverse data types and render them collectively useful for accelerating the organization’s processes and decision-making. This means that you can thoroughly analyze every aspect of your business, including customer behavior, operational behavior, marketing behavior and beyond. It provides all the relevant insights you need for innovation and customer relationships.

data integration
Data Integration and Ingestion

Digital businesses receive vast information in different formats from operational logs, social media to IoT and machine learning touchpoints.  To derive insights from all these different formats, you need to be able to ingest it as the first step. SAP Leonardo Big Data Solutions allows you to quickly, acquire, store, transform and share data from all sources including relational databases, enterprise data warehouses, and Hadoop resources. To utilize refined data in real time, you are equipped with tools for data cleansing, quality, and transformation using machine learning, graph computation, and stream processing.

Organization spanning pipelines

The SAP Leonardo Big Data offering also allows you to store massive data sets across the enterprise and beyond. It makes use of SAP Cloud Platform Big Data services to provide a scalable, cloud-based Hadoop data store, Spark complement and a full Big Data platform for storage and processing.

The SAP Data Hub accelerates and expands the flow of data across the diverse landscape leveraging its open architecture. It handles data wherever it resides – in Hadoop, in object stories like Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), in cloud-based and on-premise databases, or in enterprise applications and data warehouses. With the ability to share and manage data across the full landscape it quickly completes pipelines.

With SAP Vora, an in-memory query engine that plugs into the Apache Spark execution framework you can easily run combined analytics across enterprise and Hadoop data. It provides specialized analytical processing for different data formats designed to run high-performance sophisticated analytics against relational, time series, graph and JSON data.

Outcomes Expected:
  • Fast analytical processing in the cloud at lower TCO
  • Discovering data across data lakes, warehouses and databases on-premise and in the cloud
  • Support growing data volumes with massive scalability and petabyte capacity
  • Capabilities to create advanced data computation pipelines across a variety of data types
  • Central user interface for straightforward orchestration of complex data processes

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