SAP Leonardo Data Intelligence – Get, Set, Action!

SAP Leonardo Data Intelligence – Get, Set, Action!

Data is at the heart of today’s digital revolution and can be derived from every business transaction and physical object from vehicles to wearables through emerging technologies like Analytics, Big Data, IoT, Blockchain and Machine Learning. The goal of SAP Leonardo Data Intelligence is to move from Big Data and Analytics to monetization of data. This means to understand the business value of data and take immediate action to capitalize on it through the following ways:

Develop new revenue streams – Accumulating corporate data to reach potential customers or existing customers in new ways.

Enhanced customer experience – Derive insights from data to enable better decision making across product, service, marketing, sales and aftercare

Improve business efficiency – Impact business processes by integrating predictive modeling, simulation capabilities, and recommendation engines into business processes

Through SAP Data Network, Live Customer Cloud each business can identify a problem or opportunity, and work from there towards a data-driven solution. This is done through testing and trialing correlations across multiple data sets and leveraging cloud services such as data curation, anonymization, and modeling, machine learning, visualization, metering, and billing.

The SAP Data Network, Live Customer Cloud comes pre-integrated with connectors and ready-to-use data services across various industries. The SAP Data Network services are provided by an expert team that uses SAP Design Thinking methodology.

  • You are equipped to bring the data-driven business process to life by making use of enterprise data along with trusted third-party data
  • Enable action on multiple scenarios by targeting, planning and simulating
  • Integrate insights into existing processes for immediate action
  • With an open-door policy in place, you can capitalize on any data from any source and not just SAP data

 With the 3-4-3 methodology of solution ideation, customers can deliver quick results in the form of new data products centered around your business need. This means the following steps are involved:

  • Prioritize use cases to deliver new revenue, enhanced customer experience, and improved efficiency
  • Identify value drivers at design thinking with SAP workshop
  • Derive insights from enterprise data with sophisticated data science
  • Visualize the insights through engaging presentations for the business user
  • Validate the insights with internal stakeholders
  • Establish proof of value
  • Complete MVP build
  • Test with key customers
  • Develop and implement the commercial model

 In the case of Schindler Elevator Company, Leonardo technologies helped combine the installation data with the weather data and predict which sites needed more attention. This improved business efficiency through predictive maintenance. Similarly, SAP Data Network can use millions of transactional data on SuccessFactors, Fieldglass, Web, Social data and Geospatial data to create groundbreaking insights. Want to know more about how you can leverage SAP Leonardo Data Intelligence for your own unique industry needs? Write to us and our industry experts will get in touch.

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