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Understanding the strategy beyond testing – a better approach to deployment

Get your mobile application up for a challenge as users demand high-performance across devices, locations, and systems. As mobile devices have become the primary medium of interaction for consumers and businesses worldwide they are growing to influence major business decisions. For successful mobile adoption within the enterprise, to meet end user expectations and business goals a key component is – Mobile Application Testing.

A comprehensive and detailed testing strategy is required for a mobile app as they function on multiple devices, screen sizes, resolutions, internal hardware, platforms, SAP systems and optimal performance during low/no mobile data connectivity. As a trusted SAP partner we realize any app with bugs and poor efficiency will affect the performance of the end user.

It is important to build an app that your clients demand and more beneficial to the end user, but developing mission critical enterprise apps are even more critical and a rigorous testing plan needs to be rolled out before or in parallel to mobile app development and deployment

A comprehensive detailed testing strategy would boost the confidence amongst the clients when the app functions as intended on different devices with variable screen sizes, resolutions, internal hardware, SAP systems and performance during low/no mobile data connectivity. As a trusted SAP partner we realize any app with bugs and low performance will affect the performance as well as reputation of any enterprise

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Due diligence – Testing as a Service

Mobolutions’ comprehensive mobile application testing plan covers a wide range of services. Our latest manual testing and automation testing techniques has helped enterprises utilize mobile solutions for delivering cost-efficient, highly secured, and reliable solutions in line with SAP compliance.

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Functionality Testing

To ensure that the mobile app performs all the client’s required functions – workflows, transaction details, forms, reports, third-party component integration and database connections

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Usability Testing

This involves how the user interacts with the device in terms of navigating between screens, verifying functionality online and offline, content checking, and ‘help’ functions for the user.

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Performance Testing

Load testing and stress testing of the apps deployed on different environments for performance benchmarking. This includes checking server connection changes, varying connection speeds like Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, and user load variations for high use applications.

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Compatibility Testing

Testing how the mobile app functions on different OS versions, browsers, mobile devices, middleware, and with an emphasis on UI/UX testing.

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Security Testing

The mobile app is tested for any potential vulnerabilities, data risks, system weaknesses and hacker threats through manual inspections and reviews, detailed code review by security auditing and penetration testing.

Compliance Testing

We ensure that the mobile app is meeting compliance standards of your organization as well as external standards that could be industry, country/region or function specific.

Why choose Mobolutions for App testing services?

  • Mobolutions provides app testing services that are state-of-art  with a commitment to quality for reduced long-term testing procedures and maintenance costs
  • Holistic approach and multiple testing models for enterprises to choose the right model either to test them on-site, remotely or in the cloud
  • Standardized tools and techniques for consistent, fast and rigorous testing. We read the latest trends and developments and consistently invest in new technologies to quickly adopt to latest advancements in app testing
  • Manual and Automation testing of Native, Hybrid and Web applications

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