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The Future of Data & Analytics with SAP

Organizations must encompass accurate data & analytics as it plays a leading role in positive finance transformation, functional finance digitization, and enterprise digitization for accelerated business operations. Businesses are more inclined towards the cloud, especially for database management, since it delivers higher security and market relevancy. It is found that 75% of all databases will […]

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Public Cloud Finance Processing with SAP S/4 HANA

Organizations that incorporate digital solutions into their business ecosystem look for a streamlined finance management solution that aligns with their digital infrastructure. Let us take companies that go for a cloud solution to manage the day-to-day business activities. Finance processing at the cloud level is imperative in such cases since the entirety of data management, […]

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SAP S/4HANA enabled financial account and reporting transformation

Leveraging newer technologies for digital transformation is one thing but the ability to carry out efficient financial processes while maintaining a strong collaborative environment is another primary area where businesses invest. Why do companies seek a strong finance solution? Industries with a larger audience like the insurance sector involve several business transactions that get more […]

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Role of service design and target operating model for finance transformation

Finance and finance processing are the major business activities that require a lot of observation, awareness, and process security. As it determines the entire business profitability and facilitates stronger customer loyalty, financing requires exclusive solutions to transform the entirety of the process into an effective infrastructure. Planning a proper service design is imperative to deliver […]

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Partner settlement & revenue distribution in public transport using SAP BRIM

SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation management has focused not just on telecom, utility, or media sectors but also on the transportation sector including major railways. The modern billing infrastructure for transportation has taken a digital turn to align with the market trends. The legacy tools under the transportation billing system mainly consisted of manual processes […]

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Success in Manufacturing with SAP BRIM

Subscription services have outpaced other services in major business sectors with a steep increase in subscribers and growth rates. This indicates the deepening of customer relationships with the service providers. It was found that with subscription services, nearly two-thirds of subscribers felt more connected to the companies from whom they receive direct services. Major business […]

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SAP Transport Management possesses various supply chain functionalities that aids industries including manufacturing, retail, and logistics to operate with enhanced efficiency. It not only supports an accurate transport process but also allows real-time transparency across the overall supply chain business lifecycle. Need for embedded TM Supply chain activities come along with various imperative capabilities that […]

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