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Industries that can effectively leverage SAP EWM

SAP Extended Warehouse Management brings in effective streamlining of the warehouse operations to assure efficiently managed inventory workflow and supply chain. The solution can help enterprises automate tedious warehouse activities. SAP EWM can help numerous business sectors to deliver consistent, innovative management solutions for their entire global warehouse network. Here are a few major industries […]

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SAP Supply Network Planning – An Effective Purchasing, Production, Service

The COVID-19 had pushed companies to redesign the fundamental structure of their supply chains. It is an essential step, considering that the outbreak has substantially changed the functioning of supply networks. So, businesses require digitalization and integrated planning to enhance supply chains. SAP Supply Network Planning empowers enterprises by building robustness through/by increasing efficiency and […]

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SAP TMS: An Overview

With the emergence of global marketing, trading, and transportation of goods, companies with an expanded product outreach are seeking solutions that could single-handedly manage all the transportation activities. The industry is in the midst of complex environment with fragmented channels, increased product variations, and consumer demands. How should organizations prepare themselves to deal with these […]

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What is the SAP Plant Maintenance module and why do industries need that?

In manufacturing companies, the most essential part of measuring the overall efficiency of production depends on the equipment’s condition. Machines that are used in manufacturing must be maintained in good working conditions to utilize them at optimum capacities. Conventional methods of maintenance took up a lot of manual work, time, and cost. SAP Plant maintenance […]

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How can SAP Fiori help in developing Apps for Plant Maintenance?

Plant Maintenance is a crucial aspect of the sustainability of any organization. These aspects mostly cover equipment and asset preservation which needs periodic monitoring and effective repairs. The legacy systems incorporated a lot of manual paper works, time-consuming tasks, inconsistent monitoring, and error-prone measures. These will eventually lead to poor maintenance and thereby affect the […]

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Integration of SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute in SAP BRIM.

Why do we need Convergent Mediation? As we all know, for any consumption-based business model, tracking consumed data is imperative. When a company’s services are expanded to meet the customer demands, larger volumes of data need acquisition and processing real time. Most organizations these days fail to manage their revenue because they find trouble in […]

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Why should companies consider migrating their SAP workloads to the Azure cloud?

Role of Cloud service in the present business environment As SAP solutions have paved the way to effective business operations, it is high time that organizations realize the importance of shifting their SAP workloads in the cloud. Cloud services have become the new reality for the efficient running of a business that will reflect the performance […]

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