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Why Businesses Need SAP Fiori-Based Plant Maintenance Mobile App to Increase Efficiency?

Start reducing unplanned downtime, maximize operational efficiency, lower costs, and enhance maintenance work efficiency, along with many other benefits. SAP Fiori is more than just a user interface. It is a compilation of cross-device applications and software that enables you to easily share activities on your laptop, notebook, or mobile phone. The user interface provides […]

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SAP BRIM new features 2020: a next-generation roadmap for a flexible business model

SAP S/4HANA 1909 FPS01 brings a number of new features to SAP BRIM such as updates to Subscription Order Management and Financial Customer Care has been released on S/4HANA for the first time. New SAP BRIM features in SAP S/4HANA Financial customer care Settlement of intercompany invoicing in CI Subscription order management  Financial customer care in SAP S/4HANA for customer […]

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SAP BRIM For Utilities: A Fast-Track Transformation Through Recurring Revenue

The utility business sector is undergoing a radical transformation. As their services diversify every day, the business model for power and utilities is changing. A utility service provider—whether it is electricity, water, sewerage, natural gas—should respond to the rapid changes in consumer preferences while maximizing operational effectiveness.   As in any other business in this digital economy, consumer expectations in the utility sector are increasingly complex, competitive […]

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SAP BRIM For Insurance: A Next Big Move Toward Frictionless Billing And Payment

Insurance industries handle billions of Dollars of transactions every day. The operational challenges associated with building new capabilities make it difficult for insurers to ideate, plan, deliver, and manage seamless billing solutions. They have outgrown their traditional business model in terms of increased workload, but they still struggle with industry fragmentation, complex payment terms, and […]

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Redefining Telecom’s Subscription Billing With SAP BRIM

Here is the success story of a telecommunications company that has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the last decade. In just over 4 years, the company has won over more than 400 million subscribers!   While the journey of this telecom giant inspired many in the world, it too had challenges like:   Tracking Activating Functionalizing Usage Data-driven Billing Given their fast-paced growth and to […]

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Turning Disruptions Into Opportunity With Everything As A Service (XaaS)

Enterprises are getting better insights by tapping into data. To boost the business value of their companies’ analytics efforts, they need to optimize data in their channels and ecosystems. In this disruptive time of the global pandemic, data can illuminate how shifting consumer behavior can impact businesses. Several media and telecommunication companies have already started […]

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Why SAP BRIM And How It Empowers You To Monetize Your Subscription-based Billing

Whether it is Utilities, Insurances, Hi-Tech, Media, or Telco, companies offering subscriptions business have always been able to maintain long-lasting customer relationships with growing revenue. Subscription business model offers the convenience of catering to the consumption needs of the customers while providing companies with the ability to predict revenue through recurring sales. The subscription model […]

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