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Road map to an enhanced commerce cloud platform.

In order to compete with the rapidly changing global business landscape, enterprises must understand the fundamental changes in consumer shopping behavior and transform their operative model to meet new consumer expectations. Digital commerce technology has been growing radically in the past few years. In 2020, the digital commerce market share reported over 3500 customers expanded […]

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Improve your customer experience (CX) with SAP Commerce Cloud omnichannel engagement.

A good customer experience is paramount in today’s business environment. But having smooth transactions, accelerated business models, and delivering products are not just enough. Customers seek to experience an online presence where they can interact, explore, and choose. This kind of customer interaction will help them grasp the “how” and “why” of having an online […]

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Benefits of moving on-premise SAP S/4HANA to Microsoft Azure cloud

In order to reap the business benefits of faster time-to-market, simplified innovation, easier scalability, and reduced risk, cloud computing is an essential core of the modern business landscape. With Microsoft and SAP working collaboratively, customers can migrate on-premise SAP applications and ERP solutions to Azure Cloud. “Embrace” is a collaborative program aimed to speed up […]

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Solution Order Management application by SAP S/4 HANA Cloud: An Introduction

The current economic situation has led customers across different industries to bring in the huge opportunity to remodel and transform their business models. At the same time, their solution should support digital transformation and conversion of products to higher-margin services. It would substantially let customers transform their solutions to subscription finance. The SAP S/4 HANA […]

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Why should you digitize your commercial business with SAP Hybris ECommerce?

With the increasing internet outreach and technological innovations, strong online interaction is an imperative factor for commercial businesses. Electronic commerce is the ultimate solution to lifting your business profits as it brings in more potential consumers when compared to your brick-and-mortar store. SAP Hybris eCommerce is a flexible eCommerce platform allows you to understand your […]

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Quote-To-Cash: An Introduction

Organizations know the importance of having a smooth-running ERP system as it determines the overall efficiency, profit, and quality of their business. Similarly, for the sales and accounts department, it is imperative to have a system that meets the end-to-end sales processes that will help drive the revenue of the organization. Quote-To-Cash is an automated […]

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Optimizing subscription & usage-based pricing with SAP BRIM.

Subscription and usage-based business models are flourishing like never before and are considered the ultimate choice for monetizing services to enhance revenue for any service or product-based business. SAP BRIM offers the solutions for such business models with agility and scalability. A usage-based billing model involves charging customers based on the units of a product […]

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What is the SAP Plant Maintenance module and why do industries need that?

In manufacturing companies, the most essential part of measuring the overall efficiency of production depends on the equipment’s condition. Machines that are used in manufacturing must be maintained in good working conditions to utilize them at optimum capacities. Conventional methods of maintenance took up a lot of manual work, time, and cost. Plant maintenance module […]

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5 common challenges of recurring billing and innovative ways to overcome them.

Subscription billing model is reshaping several industries such as telecommunications, public transport, entertainment, and food services. SAP Subscription Billing is a cloud-based solution that makes it easier to monitor, evaluate, and analyze recurring and subscription-based billing data and customer relationship management. SAP Subscription Billing gives flexibility to companies of all sizes to offer subscription services […]

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