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Digitization of SAP Risk Management and its capabilities.

The Digital revolution has delivered substantial benefits to organizations, but it has also introduced new risks in a wide range of industries. Risk management is a significant priority for all sorts of companies. As businesses digitize progressively valuable information and operations, these types of vulnerabilities are becoming more widespread across all sectors. As businesses have moved to digital environments nowadays, […]

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Digital Monetization Models across different industries to accelerate value creation

To accelerate business operations, digital transformation involves the establishment of every element of the business model into digital technology and acquiring it to offer and enhance the basics of functioning and delivering value to customers. By 2023, 70% of G2000 CEOs are committed to producing at least 40% of their digital sales by 2025. What […]

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Driving Need for billing capabilities by delivering agile monetization.

The Covid19 pandemic compelled businesses to change their business model to ensure sustainable profitability and development. The key motivation for digitalization is this uncertainty. Enterprises need agile and adaptive platforms to look at new market scenarios and implement technology capabilities throughout their core businesses. Why Does Billing Remain A Challenge? According to Markets and Markets, […]

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