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SAP Lumira – How has Analytics evolved in SAP?

Today, the place that analytics has gained in decision-making and becoming a significant component to driving profit is unquestionable. In the past, when business analytics technology was still evolving, there was heavy involvement of technical staff and statistical staff to comprehend all the data and turn it into usable information.  With the advancement in technology, […]

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SAP S/4HANA + SAP Leonardo, Two Leading Technologies = One Amazing Digital Experience

In a digital economy, success depends on the ability of an enterprise to adapt to a constantly changing business environment. Many organizations have already transitioned to S/4HANA for their ERP. When SAP Leonardo technologies are integrated to function alongside S/4HANA, it leverages the powerful in-memory technology and provides instant and real-time insights. This means you […]

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What is SAP Leonardo Technologies – A quick introduction to the Intelligent Enterprise of the future

Named after the Italian polymath, Leonardo da Vinci, SAP Leonardo was launched in 2017 to rival vendors like IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure in the digital transformation space. SAP Leonardo functions as the brand name for a set of emerging technologies – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Intelligence, Analytics, and the Internet of […]

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SAP Leonardo Data Intelligence – Get, Set, Action!

Data is at the heart of today’s digital revolution and can be derived from every business transaction and physical object from vehicles to wearables through emerging technologies like Analytics, Big Data, IoT, Blockchain and Machine Learning. The goal of SAP Leonardo Data Intelligence is to move from Big Data and Analytics to monetization of data. […]

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SAP Leonardo Blockchain gives complex multi-party transactions a new meaning

To understand what SAP Leonardo blockchain can do, it’s important to know what the Blockchain concept is. Blockchain in its foundational elements is a reliable record of secure transactions of who owns what – It is based on the distributed ledger technology. Distributed ledger is a database of transactions, shared and synchronized across multiple systems […]

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How SAP Big Data unleashes hidden potential locked away in your enterprise data

Statistics suggest that 60% – 73% of all data in an enterprise go unused. The question here is many organizations collect data on a massive scale, but do they realize the true power of Big Data? Gaining business value from Big Data in the past was hindered by three main factors: These factors contributed to […]