Integrating AngularJS in SAP System: the next big merger for an intuitive UI
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Choosing the right front-end technology and mature toolsets is important to build fast, responsive SAP applications. One such popular, very powerful JavaScript client-side framework is AngularJS, which provides a rich set of out-of-the-box controls a...

SAP S/4HANA + SAP Leonardo, Two Leading Technologies = One Amazing Digital Experience
by in Big Data, Intelligent Enterprise, s4 hana, SAP Leonardo

In a digital economy, success depends on the ability of an enterprise to adapt to a constantly changing business environment. Many organizations have already transitioned to S/4HANA for their ERP. When SAP Leonardo technologies are integrated to func...

What is SAP Leonardo Technologies – A quick introduction to the Intelligent Enterprise of the future
by in Big Data, Intelligent Enterprise, SAP Leonardo

Named after the Italian polymath, Leonardo da Vinci, SAP Leonardo was launched in 2017 to rival vendors like IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure in the digital transformation space. SAP Leonardo functions as the brand name for a set of emerging technologi...

Do I really need the SAP Fiori Client App to open my other Fiori Apps?
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‘Why do I need a separate app to access other SAP Fiori Apps on my mobile?’ would be a fairly logical question or thought in the minds of your end users when they can open it on their mobile browser. Let’s take a look at what exactly is the SAP Fiori...

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