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SAP Warehouse Management trends – Efficiency Enabler in the Supply Chain

Traditional SAP Warehouse Management software has been available since the 1980s and 1990s along with SAP R/2 and R/3 ERP. SAP continues to have the largest market share for warehouse management solutions, though they are not considered as a typical WMS vendor; for instance Manhattan Associates or RedPrairie Corp. This is because while logistics operators […]

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SAP Fiori Roadmap 2017 – Where’s the SAP and Apple Partnership headed?

The much-awaited SAP and Apple partnership kicked off in late March 2017 with the release of the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS.  Subsequently, two apps – SAP Asset Manager App and SAP Project Companions App for Managers and Consultants – were released. Now let’s take a sneak peek into the features of these apps […]

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Understanding Efficient Warehouse Management in the Supply Chain and SAP Warehouse Management Functions

Warehousing plays an important role in the supply chain process. When business is thriving, companies need to move their products quickly to meet market demands. And when sales are sluggish, you need to be adaptable enough to keep costs low. The efficient management of the supply chain process is a warehouse management function. Some of […]

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OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions

OpenText VIM: OpenText is a Canadian based Software company that develops Enterprise content management (ECM), Business process management (BPM), Customer experience management (CEM), Information exchange, Discovery, and analytics software. OpenText’s Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) solutions streamline Accounts Payable (AP) operations for SAP customers. OpenText VIM helps addresses a number of problems in Invoice Management such […]

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