Catalogs, Groups, and Roles in Fiori Apps


The Fiori Launchpad is an access to all Fiori apps whether on a mobile device or on the desktop. The apps are represented as individual tiles. The Fiori apps can be categorized into:

Catalogs: A certain number of Fiori Apps that are assigned to a particular user role. Depending on the role and catalog assigned to that particular role, the user can browse, choose the necessary apps and add them to the Fiori Launchpad entry page.

Groups: A compilation of Fiori Apps from the Catalog for the end-user that are pre-delivered or self-defined that appear on the Launchpad entry page. The user can personalize the page by adding or removing Apps to the group.

Roles: The end user’s role provides access to the Fiori apps in the group or catalog. For instance, the Fiori App Library classifies two apps – ‘My Advisees’ and ‘Student Degree Requirements’ for the role Academic Advisor. The number of apps assigned to a user depends on role of the user. A Role administrator authorizes users access to the groups and catalogs.

The image below lists the Fiori user roles across various industries and lines of business.

SAP Fiori User Roles | SAP Fiori User Roles with LOB

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