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Streamline Accounts Receivables

All your accounts receivables information in one intelligent mobile device that you carry everywhere

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Automate your customer collection data and streamline the credit to cash management process

Maximize payment collection while minimize debt collection expenditures by optimizing your decision-making strategies from outstanding payments to disputed accounts that helps to determine which accounts to prioritize, collect, how and when.

Minimize the debt collection efforts by making financial decisions on the move, by automating, segmenting and mobilizing customer collection accounts, managers can get real-time accessibility to critical accounts receivables information and reports to collect payments quickly and instantly

Business Challenges

  1. 1
    Inability to make timely decisions – customer collections information restricted to single computer system

    SAP enterprises need to have the ability to control business data from anywhere and everywhere. Financial managers and decision makers should have access to key and critical customer accounts on the move to make significant and crucial business decisions – With business avenues across the globe, companies are being constantly challenged to handle bulk amount of customer collections data and reports along multiple customer collection channels compounded with outstanding payments and payment disputes to evaluate the overall financial performance, it is no doubt a challenging and time consuming process

  2. 2
    Excess outstanding payments and backlogs – Lack of real-time visibility into accounts receivables

    Possessing real-time and accurate payment collection information is extremely necessary for any business. It is a massive challenge to follow up with manual and paper advices for payment collections. Companies will have a tough time to discover and provide their customers a complete picture on outstanding payments and received payments resulting in inconsistency and inefficiency across various customer points losing too much of effort and time in the customer collections process

  3. 3
    Lack of right technology – Inability to close the gap between online and offline performance

    Companies are endeavoring to mobilize and supply information to field executives and collection agents to enhance the speed and visibility of tracking and performing customer collection activities. However, they still lack the right tools or technology for monitor or executing on offline mode – this creates process inefficiencies by lowering the ability to perform consistently across online and offline channels

  4. 4
    Increased financial risk – Manual information updates and follow-up on customer accounts and credit lines

    Companies are using SAP ERP systems or accounting systems for accounts receivable management; although these systems to an extent help with some tools, a considerable amount of manual labor and staff time is invested in managing invoice collection process. Without automation of customer collection accounts and data, it is difficult for companies to do more with less – SAP enterprises continually face the challenge of preparing and submitting daily customer collection reports for updating spreadsheets, figuring payment errors, prioritizing payment collections and communicating with customers when they need, settling payment disputes and cash management activities

Key Features

  1. Single Screen Overview

    Single screen view provides an overview of total open invoices and invoice overdues for quick and easy decision making

  2. Offline mode accessibility

    Enables managers to view and manage customer collections with instant and real-time data integration on SAP backend

  3. Live map view

    Configured with route map to view or manage customer location information, optimizes route planning and helps to prioritize visits

  4. Call and e-mail function

    Built-in controls to comfort field agents to call or write e-mails to customers while you’re on the go

  5. Custom Search

    Enables end users to perform detailed search based on customer name, customer ID to view credit history and outstanding payments

  6. Digital Signature

    Powered with digital signature facility to close out on payment collections with customer digital signature to avoid payment disputes

SAP Customer Collection App

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    SAP Customer Collection App

    Key Benefits

    • Eliminates manual errors, improves data accuracy to ensure corrective actions
    • Mitigate business risk with greater control and compliance policies drive business confidentiality
    • Reduces payment collection delays, optimizes cash flows and improves liquidity
    • Streamlines the accounts receivables process and improves the self-sufficiency
    • Improves staff productivity and saves time via automated business workflows
    • Speeds up the payment collection and reduces effort time to make better business decisions
    • Easy to use and responsive application improves user experience
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