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It just takes a mobile app to stay connected

With the Employee Search/lookup option it is easy to search an employee file, access his/her contact details to reduce time delays in communication between employees within the organization

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SAP Mobile Solution

Why choose Employee Directory App?

Most of the enterprises struggle in having an edge on the habits of communication. Most of the leaders have already recognized the importance of organizational communication. However, it still remains to be one of the top challenges to reinforce effective strategies/solutions Establishing a link between the employee directory and accessing the employee database when needed the most is considerably important

In today’s business environment with business processes and projects set around the globe, it is necessary for employees to stay connected with their global team members for knowledge sharing and better work culture. All it takes is a mobile application which can integrate Employee Database to your SAP landscape

Mobolutions’ Employee Directory App eliminates the delays and difficulties in accessing the employee contacts by enabling employee search/employee lookup on-the-go

Key Benefits

  • Easy to access – Users can access the employee directory and lookup employee contacts without being chained to desk
  • Stay connected – Users can navigate to individual employee files anywhere, anytime. Allows employees connect seamlessly with co-workers directly through phone, SMS, e-mail
  • User friendly – Empowered with screen rotation facility on portrait mode to ensure seamless access. In-built color differentiator feature to distinguish between active and deactivated employee profiles
  • Cross-platform compatibility – Built on SAPUI5 platform, the Employee directory App is a hybrid application developed to work on all platforms (Android, iOS, Windows)
  • Offline mode employee lookup – The Employee Directory App is enabled with SMP 3.0 and works seamlessly even when on offline mode
  • Exclusive filter option – Exclusive “Filter” facility to search employee files based on single or combination of fields like location, division, designation, employee names, ID, contact numbers and e-mails
sap employee directory mobile app
SAP Employee Directory App

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    SAP Employee Directory App

    Key Advantages

    • Decision making – Improve on-spot and on-time decision making during business emergencies
    • Effective utilization – Access employee files and data from any location and reduce time delays
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