Enterprise Managed Mobility

Maximize the value of your SAP ERP investments through mobilization and optimize workforce performance

Secure every aspect of your business with SAP EMM

The changing trends, opportunities with mobile internet has paved way to create disruptive business models to bring about changes in the way of working. Mobolutions’ partners with organizations to create and secure a global mobile workforce with SAP EMM, while accelerating future growth, reaps a full set of benefits that businesses will benefit from. We support clients in simplifying business processes through MDM integrations and end-to-end support for integration of asset management solutions, this includes:

  • SAP implementation, assessment and upgradation
  • Mobilizing business processes, develop on-premise and cloud capabilities
  • BYOD support to integrate mobile apps and data
  • Developing, designing and customized SAP mobile applications
  • Hosting and post-implementation support

Our enterprise mobility solutions runs on SAP licensed and secured business platforms like Afaria Mobile Device Management, Airwatch Mobile Device Management to proactively manage and secure mobile data, devices, and applications eliminating the technological security concerns of your organization

  • Generates rapid business results – Better productivity and higher ROI
  • Strategic and upward shift in all horizontals and verticals – Increased share of wallet
  • Extending your existing ERP solutions to mobile and cloud – leading to optimal IT investments
  • Reduced vulnerability and risk – integrate and run with various Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) initiatives
  • Reduced hardware and software costs – Remotely manage devices, applications, and data; leverage our mobility services on the devices of your choice
  • Increased workforce productivity and turnover – Automate business processes and capture business opportunities on the move

Demystifying and assuring the technological security your business needs

With the technological growth spurt of devices IT leaders consider cyber security as a major challenge, our answers to you are

  • Our enterprise mobility solutions help organizations secure corporate content, control support costs, and automate applications through enterprise data protection and enterprise device security guidelines
  • End-to-end Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions offered through remote administrator setup or shared configuration access
  • Deploying managed mobility services with enhanced device security such as tracking and reporting of assets with SAP Afaria Mobile Device Management (MDM) pre-configuration setup
  • Run out the risk of enterprise data security with SAP Afaria and Airwatch Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, our licensed and customized data security solution toolkit for device monitoring and device security
  • Easy plugins to prevent data loss/leakage during data transmission with comprehensive enterprise data security solution offerings by Mocana mobile app security to gain full control over devices, apps and contents
  • We extend and support BYOD app security for custom-built enterprise mobile applications

Mobile Device Management (MDM) with SAP Afaria

The SAP Afaria Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution will configured to your landscape to address rapid risk factors in the mobile space. It allows you to effectively manage a broad range of mobile device platforms including BYOD offerings to securely deploy mobile solutions to your SAP landscape and protect mission-critical business data and assets

  • High ROI through rapid and cost-effective deployment; no SAP upgrades required
  • Solution agility and increased data and device security that grows with your device
  • Better control and enhanced device security with Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions
  • Eliminates the need of troubleshooting and allows you to stay focused on business
  • Flexible security options to deal with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) app security
sap emm

SAP Mobile Secure Content Management

SAP Mobile Secure is yet another component backed by SAP for encrypting the enterprise data security in the mobile space, we help enterprises meet the required data security through data protection guidelines over the course of its deployment through a variety of security services, including:

  • Mobile Content Management
  • Mobile Application Management (MAM) including data protection and data security
  • Mocana Mobile App Security

Mocana Mobile App Security is preconfigured and coated all the applications we build. We ideally leverage the setting and configurators into your landscape while deploying apps this takes care of the end-to-end device and data security reducing to a zero loss in data and other analytical reports that are considered to be crucial in Enterprise mobile application management

sap enterprise mobile apps

SAP Enterprise Mobility Management (SAP EMM)

Right from evaluation of needs to delivery channel, the enterprise mobile application management (MAM) is a market itself offering end-to-end data and device security support some of benefits include:

  • BYOD app security, cloud services, and data and device security for usage of other wireless devices
  • Securing corporate data – flowing and applying the appropriate security measures that are critical to successfully secure sensitive data in the mobile environment
  • Addressing significant data security with multitude of devices; connecting more devices and applications being pushed to employee devices across the globe through remote monitoring sessions
sap erp mobile apps

Customize almost everything to address your business case

We help enterprises to overcome their business challenges, we think from an outside-in perspective and craft mobile strategies on how to fill the gap between what’s needed vs. what we offer

sap enterprise mobility apps

Enterprise Mobility Apps of your choice – making the difference, marking the journey with SAP EMM

Customization is the key that the world of enterprise mobility offers, we are receptive to your choices in developing a unique solution that launches your business to the next level

It’s also critical that, before you begin looking for mobility solutions, a clear understanding about the functions/processes is required Mobolutions encourages the opportunity your enterprise offers to sit down with the technical team to discuss the systems in place, the challenges that you are facing, and the solutions that you are expecting from our enterprise mobility services

SAP mobility experts – Our team of experts will provide you guidance on evaluating your business case, help you make a solid decision to purchase optimal solutions that works strategically for you

Finding the Available Options – After arriving at choosing what your enterprise needs and why you need it, the next step is selection of right-fit enterprise mobile solutions. An expert consultant can be a huge help. A consultant who knows the market and is familiar with how the systems are working can save you research time, and can direct you to systems more likely to meet your true needs. These are going to be profitable ways and every penny spent up front on the selection and planning phases is almost always recouped through low costs of maintenance and high-level of efficiency down the road

Our enterprise mobility apps are device agnostic and supports multitude of devices enabling you to access the analytics in the simplest way possible, you may choose to Bring your Own Device (BYOD) to get our enterprise mobile apps deployed, we also support BYOD concept in tandem

Breaking the rules that enterprises had about enterprise mobility and associated security concerns, we foster Bring-Your-Own Device technology to deploy apps and solutions to meet the baseline data security standards; BYOD security – The ideal solution that would continue to reliably protect your business data without compromising on the user experience

  • Data Virtualization: Providing access to corporate data and enterprise applications from a centralized data repository/servers gives the organization’s IT a greater control over protecting the enterprise assets and resources ruling out the restriction on usage of devices they use. In a way, virtualization builds your organization’s diversity allowing them to work from an environment of their choice eliminates the maintenance costs that the organization bills for improving employee morale
  • BYOD Security: This provides a strong layer of data protection and data security, securing the access of business information to make it difficult for anonymous people to view and obtain data from lost devices without the enterprises’ IT permission and user authorization identity
  • BYOD step-wise integration: Not necessarily enterprises need a full-scale deployment, some of the organizations build and test run solutions for business cases, check on the feasibility of implementing them at a large-scale, evaluates the risks involved and go with the next phase of deployment. In some cases, the organization might have business expansion plans and would need an ongoing support, we also provide ongoing support services to build, modify, and integrate enterprise mobile solutions in phases
  • Asset deployment: we deploy a chain of assets that suit your business environment, tailoring and clubbing assets of different business segments to suit your business needs, and integrating enterprise mobile solutions into your landscape to automate business processes

With myriad of apps developed by Mobolutions on various platforms, you can select from various apps to build a custom suite that fills the significant gap by displacing business cases with enterprise mobile solutions we craft to drive your productivity and employee experience

The decision is yours – Customizing an app suite is easy. With a combination of various enterprise mobile applications of your choice or seeking consulting advice that is necessary to create customary benefits can also be addressed. Turn your perceptions or normative thinking into working realities thereby enabling your organization to excel in terms of productivity, profitability, and popularity

Select from various deployment options, i.e., cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployments or even access on-premise data using SAP HANA Cloud Platform, our enterprise mobile solutions are deployable and scalable on all platforms, we deploy custom-built apps on various architectures as requested by your business units, not to forget that a vast majority were attracted to the prospect of customizing their benefits which made significant difference in their workforce management – companies should review the changing needs of deployment over time and consider making structural changes in deployment options to sense the reality of employee experience


Employees feel they have a better technology at home than at work


Of the workforce will be on mobile by end of 2020


Employees choose their own mobile device


Reduced preventable failures

The prospective developments in Managed Mobility

Given the current developments, enterprise mobility is set to accelerate further growth by 2020 The results that Enterprise mobile solutions yield is creating the willingness amongst SAP customers for investing more on mobility. it’s growing this is because mobility brings about a significant percentage of the crowd to stay connected than before especially for the organizations worldwide looking to be attentive to business changes With the pragmatic support from SAP, we are developing a fresh perspective on how mobility can deliver rapid business results

Some of our observations are

sap mobile application management

The next generation enterprises are growing smart with enterprise mobility

The organization of today and tomorrow are undergoing an unprecedented technological revolution, with the SAP industry making headlines for bringing this change, the mobile place and technology is ever-changing has led to new discoveries and developments too. Enterprises are focusing more on innovation in the SAP industry and partners like us are contributing  for a bigger picture

Some of our groundbreaking products in mobility for SAP enterprises

Leverage the experts to safegaurd and secure devices, apps, content with SAP EMM

Learn the benefits of mobile strategies that launches your business to the next level