EHS App – Environment Health and Safety App

EHS App = Good safety + Good business practices


The EHS Mobile App enables employees to report incidents/safety issues to Incident Managers from anywhere and everywhere

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See how you can manage your employee safety on mobile

Safety/Incident management is not a task; the responsibility of working safe lies both with the employer and employees. However, unforeseen accidents or safety incidents do occur in the work premises which can never be completely avoided. Individual contributions to incident management can vary from efforts of incident reporting to performing first aid. Safety management can never be accomplished without helping and being helped by co-workers.

Every individual carries the responsibility to report safety incidents to the Supervisor/Safety Inspector, for an effective employee engagement at work, these incident reports are necessary for attaining the overall goal of creating a safe workplace.

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Mobolutions’ EHS App, an incident management solution/application designed to eliminate the risk of safety by helping Incident Managers with instant mobile notifications of the incidents reported within the premises. With incident reports, Incident Managers could exercise and run the emergency incident management measures in place and ensure effective care is taken.

Key Features

Key Advantages

  • Increased employee morale – With advanced incident management reporting mobile app, your employees will be rest assured and confident about their Environment, Health, and Safety concerns
  • Continued productivity– With instant notifications on incident reports, you will be able to decide and implement the business continuity plan in place without losing the productivity of your enterprise

Empower your employees to do more with less effort anywhere! anytime!