Expanding horizons with SAP Aviation software and solutions for Aviation MRO

In a dynamically changing business environment like the airline industry, modern ERP solutions from SAP goes a notch up in its aviation software for flight operations, fleet management, route planning and aviation MRO establishing the shortest TAT possible for your carrier. Give your customers a personalized experience right from booking to the journey onward and beyond.

Business Planning and Consolidation

  • Reduce planning cycle time and costs with agile planning, budgeting, and enterprise performance forecasting
  • Predict outcome of business decisions through real-time feedback loops that detail business performance and variations through simulation capabilities

Fuel Management

  • Enterprise-wide visibility to manage fuel at aircraft and flight level which forms a large percentage of operating costs with SAP aviation software for fuel management
  • Streamline processes for fuel procurement and fuel-dependent goods by automating price calculations and invoicing
  • Improve fuel-hedging strategies to identify and mitigate risks and enabling regulatory compliance

Network and Route Performance Management

  • Airlines can gain insight into the profitability of routes, regions and the complete network
  • Facilitates understanding of the levels that sustain and destroy profit through sophisticated analyses
  • Understand the bottom-line contributions of customers, service and channel productivity with multifaceted views

Strategic Demand Management for Airlines

Aviation MRO

  • Sensor-provided operational data prevents asset failure through predictive maintenance
  • With an integrated functional and technology platform companies can achieve highest asset performance and utilization across the asset lifecycle
  • Gain visibility across different fleets for line, base, component and complex asset management for aviation MRO execution

Operational Risk Management

  • Put the best incident management strategies in place to proactively identify, and lower frequency rates of health and safety risks
  • Monitor maintenance worker’s safety through clearly defined safety instructions and operational permits

Catering Production

  • Keep catering waste to a minimum with SAP production management and control software
  • Real-time load figures and requirements captured during customer-ticketing lets you gain early insight into last-minute changes
  • Ensure consistent procurement strategies, contract and supplier compliance along with scheduling, preparation and stock management

Operations and Asset Management for Airlines

Catering Procurement

  • Automate the entire procure-to-pay process to create, display, change and process purchase orders in response to purchase requisitions
  • Manage all accounts payable data with integrated invoice processing. To adapt to local country rules, country specific payments can be leveraged
  • Align ground-handling processes with flight scheduling for reduced risk and greater sourcing efficiency

Ground Handling

  • By integrating ground handling and sourcing functions, SAP aviation software equips organizations to adjust resources to meet the needs of a constantly changing airport environment due to flight changes, weather conditions and security threats
  • Collect and check invoices against business rules and handle exceptions with complex billing structures that are readily adaptable as sales contracts evolve
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Contextual Marketing and Customer Service Excellence for Airlines

Real-time customer insights

  • Capture and monitor structured and unstructured data from emails, other transactions and social media into a single view
  • Track analytics into known and unknown customers and develop them into high-value customers and brand advocates
  • Anticipate customer purchasing patterns and sentiments through predictive scores

Marketing with speed and agility

  • Provide context-relevant recommendations based on previous buying patterns
  • Engage in personalized multi-channel campaigns on social media channels, in the storefront, e-mail and SMS
  • Develop long-term customer loyalty by converting points into rewards through loyalty programs

Omnichannel service excellence

  • Unified contact center operations for better performance and resolve customer issues faster
  • Field service engineers can have real-time access to information through mobile service execution
  • Listen to various social media channels to gauge customer sentiments and consistently provide great experiences

Unique customer experiences

  • Provide context-relevant recommendations based on previous buying patterns
  • Engage in personalized multi-channel campaigns on social media channels, in the storefront, e-mail and SMS
  • Develop long-term customer loyalty by converting points into rewards through loyalty programs

Digital Transformation of Commerce and Sales for Airlines

Master Data Management for Commerce

  • Meet regional market needs by localizing product offerings, languages and payment methods
  • Simplify product catalog and content management processes and ensure a consistent experience across multiple channels and touch points
  • Utilize real-time user behavior and provide a personalized experience while browsing

Supplier Direct Booking

  • Simplified business travel experience when employees can book travel online and through mobile apps
  • Integrated sharing of reservation and profile data across systems allows business to own the travel experience, capture travel itineraries, and gain entire visibility into travel spend.

Sales Force Empowerment

  • Close more deals with real-time sales analytics reporting and dashboards that provide a complete view of customers from lead to contact
  • Gain customer performance intelligence to maintain and grow the right accounts

Sales Performance Management

  • Enhance sales performance by providing relevant onboarding and training for sales hires by sharing best practices and coaching sales with enterprise social collaboration
  • Provide accountability for results with sales planning and monitoring and align incentives with business goals
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