SAP Fiori Rapid Deployment Solution

SAP Fiori is a new user experience in SAP software and application.SAP has released 915+ fiori apps to easily perform role-specific tasks and to reduce the burden of the SAP GUI users. SAP Fiori provides a set of applications that are more frequently used by the SAP users on day-to-day. It is multi-device support that allows the users to run the app on mobiles,tablets and desktops. SAP has developed Fiori apps based on user interface UI5. When this is combined provides faster application response and query-execution time.

Increase Productivity

Lower Risk

Improve Time to Value

Reduce TCO

SAP Fiori Transactional Apps Deployment

Transactional apps contains task-specific functionalities and are used to perform transactional tasks. For example, approving a travel request for an employee is one of the most frequently used task by the managers to approve/reject SAP transactions requests. SAP Fiori transactional apps can run on any database. These apps allows you to run simple SAP transactions and target only the role-specific task. Transactional apps for SAP modernizes user experience

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SAP Fiori Analytical Apps Deployment

Analytical apps provides real-time information on large veloume of data in simplified front-end for enterprise control.An important feature of analytical apps are the KPI(Key Performance indicators) tiles that shows data in numbers ,graphs or combination of both.For example,sales orders can be compared to the price of a product.By this real-time analytical processing,users can view an overview of the sales,analyse business operations and make decisions.These apps can be SMART BUSINESS applications,but can also be other analytical, predictive and planning applications.

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SAP Fiori Smart Business Enablement

With this smart business technology,you can combine the required apps for a Smart Business Fiori Cockpit. Implement a Smart Business Cockpit and start interacting between SAP Fiori apps. This cockpit allows you to get the insight at the right time for instant value.You don't have to struggle hard to connect analysis with execution, it harnesses the power faster than ever and understand better analysis to arrive at smarter decisions.Incase of deviation,you can follow up actions immediately.

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SAP Fiori Factsheet Apps Deployment

Factsheet apps are used to search and view essential information about the objects and can navigate between its related objects.These are similar to transactional apps,the only difference is that factsheet applications require the SAP HANA database to support all functionalities, especially for searching the data.Because,data search model for factsheets are available only on HANA database.Factsheet allows you to seamlessly navigate to its related factsheets and also can start transactions by navigating to transactional app.
• Best performance on HANA platform.
• Simple and intuitive UI.
• Complete 360 degree view on business stuffs.
• Automate parts of the fiori configuration setting,in order to quickly deploy to SAP backend systems.

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SAP Design Studio integration with Fiori Launchpad

SAP Design studio on SAP HANA Platform is designed to integrate well with SAP HANA's application server and security models.You can implement and enhance Design Studio on top of SAP HANA.The most important feature the end users need is a launchpad to organize content. Design Studio applications can be integrated into SAP HANA’s Fiori Launchpad and they will use the authentication and authorizations defined within the SAP HANA system.

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SAP Web Dynpro integration with Fiori Launchpad

Web Dynpro is the SAP standard UI technology for developing web-based applications.Users can start a Web Dynpro ABAP Application from the FIORI Launchpad.There is a seperate API that enables the navigation mechanism of the SAP Fiori launchpad to be used for web dynpro applications.With that API,users can navigate from a web dynpro application embedded in the fiori launchpad to another application.

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SAP Fiori Advanced Security Setup

You have to configure your SAP Fiori apps on the highest security standard possible to prevent unauthorised access to critical business information.This can be achieved using SAP Web Dispatcher (Reverse Proxy).It accepts the HTTP/HTTPS requests from the end users and define if a system has to approve /reject the request and where the request should go.If the request has been approved by the web dispatcher,then the connection to the SAP Fiori system is secured. The other way is configuring the Single sign-on (SSO).Using SSO,employee efficiency is improved.

SAP Fiori Integration with Enterprise Portal

SAP Fiori launchpad integrated into Enterprise portal facilitates access to all fiori applications.

How is this possible??
Here's the solution. When the SAP Fiori launchpad is integrated with SAP Enterprise portal,it consumes the portal content from the ABAP Front End Server to SAP Enterprise portal and all the transactional and analytical apps from the HANA Database.So,the end users can use a combination of apps coming from both the portal and the launchpad.

• Integration of SAP Fiori applications (via SAP Fiori iView and/or remote catalog consumption)
• SAP Fiori launchpad as alternative user experience (new Fiori Framework Page, theme and browser support)

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Mobilizing SAP Fiori Apps

SAP Fiori apps can run on all mobile browsers,but still there are few potential performance issues. Mobilizing can be achieved with the help of native application container (SAP Fiori Client). You can easily install your fiori apps on your mobile with the help of SAP Fiori Client.

SAP Fiori Client:
SAP Fiori client is a native mobile application for SAP Fiori that allows the users to access their SAP Fiori Launchpad in online mode.

How is this beneficial compared to mobile browsers?
SAP Fiori Client overcomes limitations in the mobile browser by providing a reliable caching mechanism for SAP Fiori application assests,and also provides additional capabilities like camera, barcode scanner, and geolocation to SAP Fiori applications.

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SAP Fiori App Extensibility and Customization

So far ,we have discussed more topics based on SAP Fiori standard apps created by SAP itself.

What if your client needs some customization in their SAP Fiori apps?
Yes,you can.SAP Fiori apps come along with pre-defined extension points where the end users screen can be customized according to their specific use cases and their companies needs.All you need to do is download source code of standard app and make changes to the existing app like adding functionalities,customizing your own theme etc and call it “SAP Custom Fiori App”.This can be done in two ways:

• Use Eclipse to extend the Fiori App
• Use Web IDE to extend the Fiori App in the Cloud

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