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Operate twice at the speed of your competition with integrated sales solutions for better business management

We develop and deploy sales strategies on mobile to transform the customer-facing parts or processes from sales to service to deliver scalable results. Our rapid business solutions prioritize your business problems and drive your sales people and processes to make instant decisions resulting in reducing the operational costs, quality and speed of key services such as Sales Order processing, Credit Memo Approvals, Price Change Approvals, the creation of Sales Quotations, and initiating Sales Scheduling Agreements. Our comprehensive solutions can be deployed on-premise or could be launched on the cloud with adequate length options to customize features or include business processes as per your requirements

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HCP Credit Memo Approvals App

The Credit Memo Approvals App enables sales managers to review and approve the blocked credit memo requests allowing to reverse or make adjustments to original invoices

  • Enables sales managers to review credit memo requests and approve them instantly on mobile
  • Gives detailed insights about credit memo requests such as PO number, invoice date, Customer ID, address details for quick decision making
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HCP Sales Order Approvals App

The Sales Order Approvals App helps sales managers to review and approve blocked sales orders instantly on mobile

  • Empowers sales managers with all necessary information such as item details, units, total cost of the order, for faster sales order approvals
  • Allows to select and approve multiple sales orders at once
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Price Change Approvals App

The Price Change Approvals App allow sales managers and authorized users to review and approve price changes for quicker sales order processing. Increases customer satisfaction and reduces pricing errors in sales cycle and order processing

  • Helps to review and approve price changes for multiple sales orders with single click
  • Empowers with detailed price changes information with the date for quick decision making
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Sales Quotation Approvals App

The Sales Quotation Approvals App enables sales reps or sales managers to effectively kick-start a sales cycle by providing them options to approve or reject sales quotations on their handheld devices

  • Enables sales managers to effectively make multiple sales quotation approvals with a single click
  • Provides all relevant information such as order quantity, price quotes and material details for instant decision making
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Sales Scheduling Agreement Approvals App

The Sales Scheduling Agreement Approvals app simplifies Sales Scheduling Agreement release process by empowering sales managers to review and approve Sales Scheduling Agreements on their handheld devices.

  • Notifies sales managers and approvers about pending or outstanding requests for delivery
  • Enables to select multiple sales scheduling agreements with single click
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HCP Sales Order Overview App

The Sales Order Overview app provides details of historic sales orders to support managers with the ability to check and analyse sales order details on-the-go

  • Managers can track sales orders on their handheld devices anywhere and anytime
  • Helps to identify order blocks and report status to approvers
SAP Sales Apps / SAP HCM Apps

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    SAP Sales Apps / SAP HCM Apps

    Value Drivers

    • Credit Memo Approvals AppHelps to streamline the credit memo approval process; improves customer satisfaction to a great extent
    • Sales Order Approvals AppStreamlines the sales order approvals process; reduce delays and increases sales margins
    • Price Change Approvals AppOffers better flexibility to instantly decide on price changes and increasing the time to market
    • Sales Quotation Approvals AppQuicker approvals of sales quotations lead to an increased selling efficiency and better selling margins
    • Sales Scheduling Agreement Approvals AppHelps to generate better sales through committed and effective sales delivery; builds goodwill amongst customers
    • Sales Order Overview AppHelps to effectively track and trace the goods in hand; gives an overview of stock for building sales orders based on availability
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