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We help clients build competitive advantages with our comprehensive suite of supply chain management capabilities that helps to streamline the procure-to-pay cycle. Our mobile solutions are designed to deliver immediate impact to supply chain cycle functions such as purchase order approvals, contract approvals for executing transactions effortlessly. We have sourced the industry best supply chain management experts to deliver a clear and consistent experience. What makes us distinctive is that our solutions are flexible and can be tailored to build a business process of choice

Purchase Order Overview App

The Purchase Order Overview app enables purchase managers to make view the details of the purchase order including the history of the specific purchase order. The Purchase Order Overview app makes it easy to access the purchase order details anywhere and anytime

  • Enables to search and view specific purchase order from the list
  • Helps to search purchase order history details to track the goods receipt and invoice processed for POs

Purchase Order Approvals App

The Purchase Order Approvals app enables the user to approve purchase orders instantly on mobile. It ensures quick release of the PO document and enhances the productivity

  • Approve or reject multiple purchase orders with a single click
  • Featured to work on offline mode; execute purchase order approvals even on offline mode – data gets integrated into SAP backend system when network connectivity resumes

Purchase Requisition Approvals App

The Purchase Requisition Approvals app expedites the release procedure of purchase requisitions on your handheld devices

  • Review details of purchase requisitions and instantly approve them on the go
  • Powerful search functionality to search a particular purchase requisition document

Service Entry Sheet Approvals App

The Service Entry Sheet Approvals App enables to review and approve pending entry sheets. It enables to quickly and efficiently authorize entry sheet approvals instantly from handheld devices

  • Enables with a list of service entry sheet entries, checkmark one or more entry sheets and approve them with single click
  • Push notification on mobile when new documents are created for managerial approvals
sap hcp supply chain management app value drivers

Value Drivers

Purchase Order Overview App Provides real-time visibility to procurement worklists that simplifies decision-making ability and reduces delays

Purchase Order Approvals App Expedites PO approval process that drives productivity and helps to reduce backlogs

Purchase Requisition Approvals App Review and release of purchase requisitions instantly that eliminates time delays and speeds up procurement process

Service Entry Sheet Approvals App Helps to streamline the goods receipt process with entry sheet and goods receipt details available on mobile devices

Our solutions are flexible and our business models are agile and can support all your customary requirements