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Improve Workforce Productivity

Mobilize HR approval process and accelerate your workforce to do more with less effort

Why choose HR Suite App

The HR Suite App is a bundle of benefits that delivers automated HR solutions to employees. No more dawdling and turtling, with HR Suite, win every second of your valuable time, go-mobile and optimize your talent pool like never before

Devour the world and unlock your business potential with Mobolutions’ HR Suite App as we walk along with you to surpass your competitors’ strategies by mobilizing your enterprise with SAP HCM Formula to be the best-in-class. With a deep technical expertise in SAP, we aim to deliver high-quality HCM solutions to enhance your digital experience

The HR Suite App is a pocket SAP HR formula developed to mobilize your leave and travel management requests and approvals. Empower your workforce response time, access, review and authorize leave and travel reports from mobile devices at the palm of your hands. Go-mobile, beat the clock, thrive your business with the all new HR Suite App

I am a HR Manager. How is it advantageous?

Scroll to approve/reject leaves as you see them. The SAP HR App Suite allows you to manage your workflow needs – easily view, select and approve leave requests instantly

  • Easy and simple
  • Time saving

HR Suite App enables you to approve travel requests on-the-go. Provides details like estimated costs and date of travel for making quick decisions. Authorize crucial documents, functions to instantly approve or reject requests with comments

  • Improved accessibility
  • Insightful

I am an Employee. How is it advantageous?

Do not wake up your manager with your leave calls anymore, we have simplified it for you. SAP HR App Suite enables custom leave creation and modification; delegated approver tools to create, view or modify leave requests instantly

  • Flexibility
  • Paperless

Allows employees to create travel requests on the go, features to create travel requests with planned dates, estimated costs, location and type of travel. Get real-time and instant updates on travel requests and fly with a pre-booked travel every time

  • Time Saving
  • Less effort

Design and Build

  • SAP HR App Suite is a comprehensive mobile application developed to cover the entire spectrum of HCM process approvals from mobile
  • Developed as a hybrid application using SAPUI5 to support deployment for multitude of devices and platforms
  • Simple and easy to use mobile UI for fast, concise and coherent mobile experience
  • Flexible to make additional settings, include corporate themes, push notifications, features and functionality integration and options to integrate with third-party apps or launch and run on the cloud

Hands-on support for adoption and deployment

Mobolutions provide a full hands-on support and training to ensure that SAP-HCM Solutions are deployed, used and adopted effectively

SAP HR App Suite v2.0 is getting its shape…

No more sloppy handwritten notes and downsize payroll processing time, features includes a quick view of daily, weekly, and monthly data; daily, weekly, and monthly work hours; planned and actual work hours, comparison tool – a customized single-click calendar; pre and post -entry editing functions

An automated solution to raise, approve and report on expenses. Expense-manage receipts and gain better management control. Functions to track reports based on trip number, status and date range; attachment functions and cost-center delegation functions

HR Suite App

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    HR Suite App

    Key Benefits

    • Cuts down on operational costs and saves a sustainable amount time, allowing employees to be productive
    • View and manage the availability of resources for effective workforce capacity planning
    • Administer workflow reports approvals/rejects on mobile, centralized approval system to solve priorities
    • Streamlines the approval process with automation by replacing manual or paper-driven processes
    • Offering spans, the dimensions of transformation: planning, building, running and managing workloads on mobile
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