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Integrate your supply chain on mobile and optimize inventory management

The SAP Mobile Inventory Management App is SAPUI5 built, provides flexible and dynamic support in processing all goods movements and managing stocks.

SAP Inventory management app supports scheduled and efficient processing of all logistical processes within your inventory hubs, allows you to scale the entire warehouse based on orders, perform physical inventory to ensure optimal stock levels are met.

The SAP mobile inventory management app allows to gain an overview of the entire warehouse; provides the ability to determine inventory levels to the highest level possible.

Main Features

Stock Overview

  • View and manage inventory details in real-time, view stocks based on material, plant ID and storage location
  • In-built barcode scanner to retrieve material information instantly on any device
  • Provides granular details on inventory, drill down to view units, storage location and quantity stored

Goods Reciept

  • Goods receipt with or without PO – Allows to record inbound materials for receipts with PO and without PO separately
  • Goods receipt for Service entry sheets – Track and record expenses for services procured, allows to account service entry sheets separately
  • Custom Search – Allows you to search and view Goods Receipt details based on PO or material number, plant ID, etc.

Goods Issue

  • Enables maintenance technicians to view measuring points to determine the condition of equipment at regular intervals
  • The QM App allows maintenance engineers to create measuring point document(s) based on equipment performance
  • Additionally, QM inspectors can view material classification, measurement range, target value for reviewing and streamlining qualitative maintenance

Inbound/Outbound Process

Allows to create inbound, outbound deliveries, and shipment documents based on processed messages from vendors or third-party suppliers

  • Enables to verify and record physical inventory received from vendors and suppliers
  • Manage inventory by bin location, control stock movements with pick, pack and put away functions
  • Perform quick inventory checks and record outbound inventory details on handheld devices

Inventory Cycle Counting

SAP Inventory management app provides intuitive features to perform regular and periodic inventory cycle counting

  • Allows to enter inventory counts, perform periodical physical inventory checks
  • Features to analyze difference in inventory counts based on physical inventory document, plant, material etc.
  • Continuous and periodic cycle counting functions helps to avoid negative inventories and inconsistencies

Business Challenges

  • Lack of flexible approval solutions to track and trace inventory in real-time while on the move
  • Inventory managers and decision makers face constant challenges to approve or reject inventories on the move
  • Approval process restricted to desktop and challenges in accessing them on offline mode
  • Lack of dynamic and action driven interfaces, restricts the ability to change or modify fields
  • Inconsistent and immoderate user experience
  • The current application or solution deployed is too costly on renewal
SAP Mobile Inventory Management App

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    SAP Mobile Inventory Management App

    Value Drivers

    • Lowers operating costs, simplifies inventory management, and increased time-to-value
    • Eliminates paper work, improves accuracy and streamlines inventory management
    • Shortens delays in inventory days, increases both user and business productivity
    • Reduces unplanned downtime and lowers inventory carrying costs
    • Optimizes time and effort, shortens response times, and enriches decision making
    • SAP Inventory management app is built on the SAPUI5 platform, responsive on all devices
    • Provides an intuitive and seamless user experience, improves user adoption
    • Improved visibility into SAP inventory management – works effectively on online and offline mode
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