Mobile PO PR App

Mobile PO PR app allows you to instantly track and approve purchase orders, therefore managers and decision makers can take instant and informed decisions on the move. Becuase it is integrated in real-time with SAP, users can take advantage of authorizing SAP purchase order approvals and (SAP PR’s) SAP purchase requisitions from mobile devices. Mobile PO PR app can get your business live within 4 weeks without SAP upgrades.

  • Streamlines purchase orders and SAP PR (purchase requisitions) approval process with minimal time and effort
  • Mobile PO PR app can be deployed within 4 weeks, most important of all even without SAP upgrades
  • Intuitive and easy to use features, comprehensive details on PR /PO required for quick decision-making
  • Access the Mobile PO PR app anywhere, built to function both online and offline mode effectively
  • Multiple PR PO approvals in single clicks, monitor PR PO releases at every step of release, therefore reduces purchase backlogs
Mobile PO - SAP Mobile PR PO App perform both PR and PO release or approval instantly from anywhere

Key Features of Mobile PR and PO App

Mobile PO PR App

Empower your enterprise with Mobile PO PR App and execute critical purchase transactions instantly.

Business Challenges

SAP enterprises can strengthen their value along supply chain by setting up a systematic procurement strategy especially for addressing complex procurement challenges, companies need to set up an optimal PR and PO strategy to make better procurement decisions, this is because pending purchase order approvals impact the bottom-line of any enterprise.

Since managers and decision makers, especially procurement heads who are generally responsible for PR and PO releases keeps rushing around offices, move on business trips, focusing on various other operational topics causing unnecessary delays and incurring higher operating costs to effectively track/approve purchase orders and purchase requisition releases. As a result, it’s important for any company to frequently track purchases even while you’re away from work environment

SAP Purchase Order App features | SAP PR | SAP PO

 Mobile PO PR Approvals App / SAP PR App

Mobolutions’ Mobile PO PR app is a self-service mobile application designed for SAP using companies to take instant procurement decisions because it helps managers and key decision makers to authorize Purchase Orders (POs) and Purchase Requisitions (PRs) on-the-go instantly from any mobile device. SAP mobile approvals and rejections instantly and effectively without any delay on the move.

SAP PR | SAP Mobile PO PR App

Benefits of Mobile PR PO App

  • Instant purchase order approvals accelerate productivity
  • Push notifications ensure quick actions on approvals, consequently eliminating longer procurement cycles
  • Provides comprehensive details for managers to take better and informed decisions
  • Improves accessibility and provides seamless user experience due to offline mode mobile PO approvals
  • Real-time visibility into procurement process facilitates anywhere! anytime access
  • Comprehensive and highly productive SAP mobile approvals from any mobile devices
  • Integrates with SAP backend, to minimize delays and consequently optimize purchase approval backlogs
  • Simple and elegant UI interface for easy use, optimal viewing and navigation
  • Responsive mobile app to adapt across platforms and devices boosts user adoption

Empower your workforce to do more with less effort anywhere! anytime! with Mobile PO PR App