Enterprise mobility is creating a new revolution on faster decision making abilities with access to right information. Mobile devices, innovative consumer-grade applications and cloud technology are on the rise for creating spaces for enterprises to displace digital disruption. This allows enterprises to take full advantage of productivity outside the physical workplace. It is critical for enterprises to understand the ever changing mobile environment and what it can do to meet the needs of growing mobile workforces. Due recognition for data governance and security is considerably even more important. Along with available opportunities for instant mobilization, Mobolutions presents enterprises with mobile security solutions to protect from vulnerability.

SAP Mobile Device Management

Manage and secure devices with Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions by preconfiguring a range of settings and enforcing security and compliance policies. Centralized Mobile Device Management capabilities by Mobolutions give companies access to safeguard the data stored on mobile devices. Enterprises can opt to leverage MDM solutions both on-premise or on the cloud with both options providing robust security and flexibility that is cost-effective with limited internal talent support.

SAP Mobile Device Management (Value-Add)

  • Remote wipe functionality that allows IT administrators to instantly wipe business data stored on mobile devices
  • Password protection to safeguard unauthorized users from accessing business data stored on SAP mobile devices
  • End-to-end mobile app security
  • Asset management at device level to ensure that access is restricted to authorized devices
  • Security insights and reports on data and device usage
SAP EMM | Enterprise Mobility Management

SAP Afaria

We are SAP Afaria certified implementation partner to deliver enterprise-class security across mobile devices and applications. With a robust and proactive approach, Mobolutions takes care of all complexities that would typically require experts, software licenses, range of settings for enforcing security and compliance policies. Complimenting with SAP Afaria’s latest release for mobile device management, Mobolutions can handle mobile device management for enterprises of any size. We provide much needed flexibility to support, manage and grow mobile devices and business applications.

SAP Afaria (Value-Add)

  • Support and secure adoption of business data across any mobile platform (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows and more)
  • A full scale mobile device management (MDM) for monitoring, administering, securing any mobile device of your organization
  • Remote management support to facilitate user-driven requests for data wipe, notifications, locking and security policy enforcement
  • Self-service capabilities and device functions– ability to push down apps and app data for lost devices
  • Highly flexible and scalable to facilitate to the needs of large, medium scale enterprises
SAP EMM | Enterprise Mobility Management

Mocana Mobile App Security

Mobolutions is a registered and certified Mocana partner for leveraging enhanced SAP Mobile Secure Portfolio through Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile App Management (MAM).  Mobolutions provides end-to-end security. By leveraging Mocana, SAP enterprises can run faster and more reliably provide comprehensive security for advanced SAP mobile applications

Mocana  (Value-Add)

  • Data encryption and password policy enforcement for all devices to prevent malware, third-party controls and mechanisms from accessing sensitive data
  • Application usage settings and geographic restriction for secured app usage
  • User authentication and security authorization for granting access applications with sensitive data
  • Corporate device settings and administrator controls for applications to wipe/lock out data based on policy guidelines
  • Time-limited access/window time settings for specific user groups, contractors and vendors
  • Central policy management to secure app data
SAP Mobile Security | Mocana | SAP Mobile Device

SAP Mobile Security Portfolio

SAP Mobile Security portfolio is developed with mobile content management at the core. It secures all SAP mobile documents to support your enterprise run safely without negotiating on speed, quality and experience. Mobile content management enables to meet modern day security standards, allows better control over reports and information, safe and secured access with better collaboration practices.

Mobile Security Portfolio is designed to meet industry-specific security concerns; enterprises can manage, secure and share content throughout the application life cycle ensuring data compliance.

Mobile Security Portfolio compliments with latest tools and techniques and combines a broad range of capabilities that integrate with existing SAP backend.

SAP Mobile Security Portfolio (Value-Add)

  • Rapid deployment solutions – go-live and secure in 3 weeks or less
  • Numerous preconfigured reports for real-time analyses to deliver actionable insights with powerful visualizations
  • Industry best experts and certified SAP consultants for implementing the solution scope and minimize project risks
  • Adhered to SAP best practices for managing BYOD, corporate devices and content
  • Multiple security stage gates and security layers for high standards of compliance and extended mobile security
  • Self-service tools to controls app data; advanced security and administrator setup for BYOD
  • Secured file sharing options and encryption to meet with corporate compliance and audit requirements
SAP Mobile Security Solutions | SAP Mobile Device

Stay informed, stay in control and stay secured with end-to-end SAP Mobile Device Management & Security Solutions

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