Redefining customer experience and availing SAP services to people at all times.

Chatbots are the automated conversation systems that have become increasingly common and essential. But rather than the menu-based chatbots that lack human-like intelligence, AI-powered chatbots are the ones that can actually make an impact on customers’ experience and company bottom lines.

In that same line, Mobolutions offers Mobot, an enterprise-grade cognitive chatbot, that comes powered with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies to understand and respond a wide variety of SAP customers’ questions.

Mobot analyzes the customer’s request, simulates human conversation to offer readily available information on SAP products and also identifies the customer’s intent to address the specific requirements. The bot is custom-built to run natively as Fiori application or as a web application. Also, Mobot can seamlessly be integrated with enterprise on-premise systems.

Why Mobot?

Supporting SAP customers 24*7

Mobot reduces reliance on multiple tickets, callbacks, and queues as it can serve customers at all times with reliable accuracy.

Better user experience

Mobot delivers timely and personalized experiences to SAP users. It replaces tiresome scripted conversation with a lively customer engagement.

Improved productivity

Mobot boosts productivity of the SAP consultants as it can answer questions, automate processes, and streamlines tasks, while allowing the agents to focus on more complex issues.

Incredibly scalable SAP customer service

Enterprises can scale Mobot’s customer support across business units and global geographies on-demand.

Key Features

  • Conversational AI

Mobot helps global customers with instant queries on various SAP products and services by leveraging Conversational AI. Mobot understands, processes, and responds to the customers’ voice or text inputs in natural ways.

  • Cross-channel integration

Mobot facilitates out-of-the-box integration of popular channels and end points such as WhatsApp, WhatsApp Twilio, Slack, and virtual assistant Alexa to resolve SAP queries.

  • Self-service platform

Rather than routing to multiple service agents, users can self-serve themselves with a few keywords on SAP services and products for instant support and guidance to resolve issues.

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