How to navigate Web Dynpro Apps?

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Quick facts about Web Dynpro:

Web Dynpro is an SAP UI technology for developing Web-based business applications mainly in the ABAP environment. It is a client independent programming model and supports different platforms such as JAVA, ABAP and .NET. Dynpro refers to dynamic programming and is SAP’s legacy system for interactive UIs. Web Dynpro’s design process is structured with the use of declarative and graphic tools to significantly reduce the implementation effort. The Web Dynpro has a server-side runtime environment that consists of hook methods. The developer places their own custom code into the hooks to bring to effect the desired business functionality.

To navigate a Web Dynpro App:

    • Click on the specific Web Dynpro App tile you want to launch
      For example:
      Manage Bank Accounts
      Web Dynpro | Web Dynpro download | SAP Web Dynpro


    • You will be navigated to the below screen and enter the backend server credentials
      Web Dynpro | Web Dynpro download


    • You are then navigated to the Web Dynpro App screen
      Web Dynpro | Web Dynpro download


  • To navigate to another app, list of Related apps will be displayed
  • Click on the hyperlink to navigate to the respective app

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