Need for developing Custom Fiori Apps

Need for developing Custom Fiori Apps

Custom Fiori Apps are built when a Standard Fiori App doesn’t meet business requirements. It could be because the backend processes are highly custom, or because business processes may require users to interact with multiple channels and platforms like internal apps, vendor portals and social media.

Find listed below, three possibilities of how a Fiori app can be customized:

 Extend and Develop SAP Fiori Apps

Through a tailored extension app customized to business needs:
  • An Object can be hidden
  • Label can be changed

Customize themes to implement corporate branding

Create a delightful user experience through standard open technology that separates the user interface from business logic:

  • The UI Theme Designer is launched
  • Apply your own branding with properties changed in the UI Theme Designer
  • New theme is exported to the local machine
  • Theme is imported to the cloud environment
  • A theme of your choice can be applied by accessing the Manage Theme Application
  • See your theme in action on the Fiori Launchpad by refreshing your browser

Manage versions to use any SAP Fiori App in the preferred version of choice

Immediate activation of the version you want to implement to the end user:

  • A different app version is activated
  • App can be started and stopped
  • Directly access an extended app

Custom Fiori App built from scratch

To develop an entirely new Fiori app from scratch, proper SAP Design guidelines must be followed and the SAP Web IDE is the most commonly used browser based tool used for development. It is flexible with robust code editors for quick build of applications. Some developers use the Eclipse IDE for application development projects but using the SAP Web IDE has several distinct advantages such as ready-made templates for Fiori Apps, testing the app with mock data and starting development by directly importing service from SAP Gateway server.

It provides instant code review and allows more than one person to code in real time through linking to a shared repository. These features enable developers, business experts and designers collaborate and actualize end-user requirements at a faster pace.

Do you need more insights into how Custom Fiori Apps can be built? Write to us and our in-house Fiori consultants will answer your queries

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