Plant Maintenance 360

Get a 360-degree view of you plant assets in real time

Plant Manager 360 provides your onsite technicians, field workers, plant managers, and engineers a handy tool that gives them 360-degree visibility of your plant assets so they can manage them more efficiently. Using Plant Manager 360 from their mobile device, they can manage work orders, receive instant notifications, analyze and capture equipment defects and provide asset analytics for work order status, priorities and plant wise asset analysis.
Go ahead and empower your workforce to run operational processes without issues in the remotest of locations.


Integrates with drones, thermal cams, and other peripherals




Conversational AI capabilities


Advanced barcode scanning


Electronic signatures for Paperless transactions

Key Features
  • Create, manage, assign work order requests instantly on any device
  • Generate Instant work order notifications
  • Create / process timesheets for you and your team
  • GIS/GPS enabled for directions to track assets, resources and view functional locations
  • Provides details on types of equipment , plant and material details
  • Device agnostic
  • Options to deploy on Premise or Cloud
  • Built for comprehensive asset management functions with complete E2E scenarios for plant maintenance activities and profiles (planners, field technicians, managers)
  • UX based on SAP FIORI design thinking
  • Offline enabled for remote locations
Value Drivers
  • Reduced Idle time, downtime and incidents
  • Increased productivity due to availability of accurate data, efficiency due to voice technology that enables more time for tasks
  • Fewer lost work days due to real time availability of equipment information
  • Integrated in real time with Enterprise asset solution
  • Improved ability to visualize, filter, and search for assets on a map, capture work and materials instantly

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