Plant Maintenance 360

Real-time, Rapid, maintenance response through Fiori Application

Global businesses of all sizes have set up periodic audits and equipment inspections to reduce unplanned downtime. But the regular processes of equipment inspections and data collections are mostly manual and paper-based. Mobolutions offers role-based and robust solutions to the problem by digitizing the entire process. The application helps organizations in their successful transition into digital transformation.

Meet Plant Maintenance 360, a user-friendly, uniform, mobile application from Mobolutions. The app is tailored to perform work order generation, capturing accurate machine readings, update equipment locations, trigger notifications with much ease of use. The technicians and plant supervisors can conduct breakdown maintenances on-the-go and optimize their efforts by effectively planning, tracking, and scheduling the maintenance activities.

Code-free customizations
Conversational AI capabilities
Advanced barcode scanning
Electronic signatures for Paperless transactions
SAP Plant Maintenance

Why Plant Maintenance 360?

  • The role-based FIORI mobile application drills down into industries’ maintenance management and facilitates end-to-end personnel optimization
  • You can generate customizable work orders and which you can approve, assign, prioritize, track, and manage throughout the maintenance lifecycle
  • Production line employees and machinery operators can pass on the machine failure information quickly to the supervisors for prompt response.
  • Maintenance personnel can use Plant Maintenance 360 application to review the issues and fix them without delay.
  • The stock management system allows you to replenish equipment parts needed to fix the machinery and improve the overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
  • Operation managers can measure machine metrics for timely decision-making. They also can track reports on completed and in-progress repair to ensure that the work is done quickly.
  • All maintenance functionality is available in the mobile app itself, and there’s no need for desktop.
  • Unlike the tiresome paperwork, Mobolutions’ Plant Maintenance 360 keeps all your routine maintenance tasks in one place for easy access
SAP Plant Maintenance

Key Features

  • Obtain detailed notifications on maintenance requirement, root cause, malfunction reports.
  • Create, manage, assign work order requests instantly on any mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, etc).
  • Generate Instantly work order notifications to the stakeholders.
  • Monitor equipment’s maintenance status in real-time and make informed decisions.
  • The approval of PR and PO to acquire the necessary goods to repair the equipment is flexible and streamlined.
  • Schedule timely maintenances without any productivity disruptions.
  • View and follow-up current work orders and maintenance planning.
  • Create and process shareable digital timesheets with your team.
  • GIS/GPS enabled for directions to track assets, resources and view functional locations.
  • Share with maintenance team details on types of equipment, plant and material details in real-time.
  • Deploy the app both on-premise and cloud infrastructure.
  • Built for comprehensive asset management functions with complete E2E scenarios for plant maintenance activities and profiles (planners, field technicians, managers).
  • UX based on SAP FIORI design thinking.
  • Technicians and managers can review the maintenance details offline, from remote locations.
SAP Plant Maintenance

Business Benefits

  • Plant Maintenance 360 streamlines the maintenance functions by helping the personnel to quickly detect, document, and correct, machine issues
  • Increase uptime and proactive maintenance strategy through the top-notch, fully customizable, and fail-safe maintenance management PM360 application
  • We offer an efficient problem-solving mechanism by helping industries register and track all machine failures and corrective actions in the centralized application.
  • work permits can be processed quickly instead of wasting days filling out paperwork.
  • The push notifications help managers to deploy technical experts with pictures to the location on time.
  • Plant Maintenance 360 serves as a reliable and stable application to generate work permits

Fixing machines is now quicker and efficient! Contact us and get to know Plant Maintenance 360 better.

SAP Plant Maintanance App

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SAP Plant Maintenance App

Value Drivers

  • Reduced Idle time, downtime and incidents
  • Increased productivity due to the availability of accurate data, efficiency due to voice technology that enables more time for tasks
  • Fewer lost workdays due to real-time availability of equipment information
  • Integrated in real-time with Enterprise asset solution
  • Improved ability to visualize, filter, and search for assets on a map, capture work and materials instantly
  • Lowers operating costs, simplify maintenance operations, and increase ROI
  • Reduces unplanned downtime lowers maintenance costs and increases asset life
  • Provides an intuitive and seamless user experience, improves user adoption
  • Improved visibility into plant maintenance – works effectively in the online and offline mode
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