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Manufacturing companies across the world have started their journey to enhanced asset maintenance and lifecycle. The global market size for EAM is expected to increase at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 8.7% from 2020 to 2026. ¹

But why are the companies seeking for EAM solution for their maintenance lifecycle? What are the issues that still prevail in maintenance? What is the need to have a mobile application?

Organizations have indulged themselves in the maintenance of their assets as a major priority in the past years. Through SAP Enterprise Asset Management solution, they were able to analyze the lifecycle of each asset and optimize the procurement decisions and maximize the efficiency of the equipment. It helped with the overall management of enterprise assets while reducing maintenance and needless costs.

The legacy maintenance systems took up a lot of manual time and energy.

No quick Action– As most of the maintenance requests and orders were paper-based, technicians couldn’t be notified sooner to make quicker decisions.

No Real-time access– Without the information of the real-time equipment status, operators fell behind on asset updates.

Unavailability of valuable data– Operators and technicians couldn’t carry out proactive planning for predictive and preventive maintenance due to the unavailability of proper analytics and data on equipment.

With the emergence of the EAM solutions, industries have optimized their maintenance strategies to obtain their assets’ maximum potential. They can now access the asset data within a few clicks and easily prioritize and respond to tasks.

In this white paper, we will cover the challenges faced by manufacturing industries, how does mobile EAM applications help them streamline their tasks, and why should you choose SAP Fiori-based applications for maintenance activities.

What to expect out of SAP EAM solution?

Scheduled and planned maintenance

Unplanned breakdowns and repairs are unavoidable instances of maintenance. Often such situations also lead to unplanned downtime due to no awareness. What the operators need is the anticipation of what could happen to resolve the issue beforehand. This is where EAM comes in handy with its flexible solutions for predictive and preventative maintenance. It keeps track of all the assets, facilitates scheduling of any repair on inspection based on the asset utilization- daily, weekly, or monthly.

Asset Productivity

How to improve asset productivity? It is through well-monitored preventative maintenance, that is, knowing what must be done before the maintenance damage or fault even occur. According to Transcendent, companies could save up to 18% with preventative maintenance when compared to reactive maintenance. ²

It is no doubt that proactive maintenance can help in improving the asset lifecycle and improve the company’s profit. SAP EAM solution enables you to plan your maintenance activities before their occurrence and thereby saving a fortune.

Eliminate Manual Tasks

The chances of maintenance errors increase with the manual process. It does not bring out any accurate analysis on equipment which then leads to machine failure. Having accurate analytics and data about equipment is imperative for the lifecycle of the assets.

EAM provides the exact analysis of the equipment thereby removing a lot of manual involvement. With an automated process, you can eliminate errors and failures at large.

Time Management

Planning and prioritizing maintenance activities are important to deliver productive and quality work. But with lots of tasks on the plate, it becomes hard to meet the ends and prioritize activities. Such events can lead to unpredicted failure of assets.

EAM comes with a solution for that too. Maintenance managers and operators can line up their tasks and decide the prioritization of tasks from highest to lowest before setting out to do their daily maintenance activities. This would also help enhance the performance of employees

Fiori-based mobile application for Maintenance

The need for a mobile application now arises as users seek a solution that enables them to easily navigate through accurate resources and access them through any native device other than desktops. In a nutshell- they seek an application that they can utilize through their mobile devices.

Plant Maintenance 360 is a Fiori-based mobile asset maintenance application that helps you optimize and carry out your maintenance activities quickly and effectively. It is a game-changer to many organizations, as it maximizes the maintenance productivity at huge.

Business processes offered by PM 360


Manage, view, and edit notifications from a centralized depot to have a comprehensive view of work orders created and proceed to drive the action.

Operate your maintenance tasks more effectively with real-time alerts via email and WhatsApp. The notification templates can be preconfigured and triggered directly from anywhere. The on-screen maintenance alerts keep you updated about your tasks.

Work Orders

With PM 360’s easy-to-navigate app interface, you can create maintenance work orders that contain the necessary information to initiate the asset maintenance work. Track these work orders quickly and make faster decisions.

You can also manage and perform work orders using the intuitive task pane, use filters to search work order details based on the attributes, track asset service history, appointments, and event insights.

Assign Work Orders

You can locate the right technicians, assign them tasks with accurate resources, and revise the provided resources from any location or time. This simplified approach to assigning work orders standardizes your maintenance workflow.

Time Entry

Calculate labor rate and costs by efficiently running a complete time-entry against each work orders with accuracy. This solution will help enhance real-time reporting and accurate billable hours.

Create & Approve PR

Using streamlined PR creation, plan the purchases of maintenance materials, optimize the procurement initiation, and improve transaction flow. This reduces the need to chase down paperwork.

Through a workflow message to the authorized approver, as routed by Purchase Requisitions, the approver can view and approve the purchase

requests. The approval console is designed to be directed to multiple managers for approval.

Create & Approve PO

Handling multiple purchases, inventory, track vendors, and accounting has become easier through instant purchase orders. Once the purchase requisition has been approved, you can verify purchase order content, and hold on to the compliance efficiently.

The purchase order system effectively reduces the approval cycle time. You can manage the complexity of approving different purchase categories and analyze their approval lifecycle.

Goods Receipts

Enter, view, and edit goods receipts for any variety or volume of inbound goods or materials. With the streamlined app, you can also create digital records of these inbound movements into the warehouse

Master Data-

Display Functional Location

You can have access to reports and recordings of maintenance tasks, data collection, and cost monitoring over a long period of time at different locations of maintenance execution.

Display Equipment

You can track the master records from a central point of view on equipment installed at different functional locations. Retrieve these equipment records to carry out specialized maintenance on individual machinery.

Measurement Points

Enables you to view and record the meter readings against the measure points. Access the overview of tasks and activities, observe, and record the visual data.


Perform real-time reporting to enhance corrective actions, maintenance intervals, and find out root causes.


Identify and calculate the amount of time taken to repair and restore a machine to its full functionality using the instant Mean Time To Repair or MTTR metrics.


Calculate the time elapsed between the required repairs for a particular piece of machinery using the Mean Time Between Replacements (MTBR). You can also track the operating reliability of assets using the MTBR measurement.

Display Equipment

You can keep track of all your inventory in real-time. This way you get a clear idea about what you have and what needs to be procured to perform unhindered maintenance. The real-time inventory list will also help you make informed choices to reduce order amounts.

Work Order List

The work order list serves as an audit for the number of completed work orders and enables you to view the past work orders. You can accurately track the completion of maintenance, the time it took to complete, and the cost incurred.

Key Features offered through PM 360


Deliver sensor-based data collection and notification triggers by integrating your Plant Maintenance 360 with the latest advanced technologies like IoT. Also, track equipment health analytics to effectively carry out preventive and predictive maintenance.


You can configure the chatbot in various channels including WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, and such to instantly access real-time information on maintenance activities, generate, and push notifications. Manage notifications, work orders, and timesheets with greater ease without disrupting productivity.

Barcode Scanner

Retrieve the equipment data that are encoded on them using the barcode scanner. First, grasp the image of the equipment and then grasp the necessary information. The scanning of the equipment is done based on the operating system of the native device used.

GIS Enhancements

Determine the directions to track assets, resources, and track functional locations using the Esri-aided GIS software and Geo Map. Initiate alerts on new maintenance assignments to technicians. view technical objects on the map, determine their location, and ETA along with information on live traffic.

Offline Functionalities

Create, manage, and monitor notifications, work orders, and timesheets even without a network connection or when the native device is offline. This feature enhances the dependability of PM-360 in all offline and online devices.

Why choose PM-360?

  • Easy Deployment.
  • Optimal solutions that manage even the most complex workflow.
  • Reduced complexity of the solution itself.
  • Flawless user experience and easy navigation
  • Interactive visualizations of KPIs and performance metrics.
  • Quick Response Time.
  • Execute advanced maintenance planning and scheduling.
  • Maintain the equipment records for the entire maintenance lifecycle.

Mobolutions’ solutions through SAP BRIM

  • Industrial 4.0. is not possible without IoT
  • It directly integrates the physical world and computer-based systems
  • Almost real-time information exchange
  • Improved operational efficiency and accuracy
  • Transparency in the external data present in business
  • Millions of devices can be controlled in real-time
  • Predict business events with better accuracy using IoT
  • Redefine your business workflows to become a truly digital business
  • Truly connected infrastructure within the business


Do you want to make your maintenance life cycle more feasible? Plant Maintenance 360 is the ultimate choice with practicality and maintenance attainability. It allows continuous interaction and accessibility for technicians, operators, and management from anywhere, anytime. PM-360 will increase your organization’s profit by eliminating needless expenditures. And we all know that a company’s time is its profit.


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