Quality Management Mobile App

Integrate Quality Management on mobile and enhance product quality

The Quality Management App for SAP companies allows quality inspectors and managers to record quality defects using their mobile devices. The quality manager app allows you to create or assign QM requests from the workflow to field workers for further processing. The SAP Quality Management App triggers real-time information from SAP backend, thereby allows faster processing of quality defects, provide quick resolution to improve product quality and customer satisfaction

App Features
  • Inspection Lots Recording
  • Usage Decisions
  • Measuring Points
SAP Quality Management

Business Challenges

  • Maintaining, upgrading and running a disparate QM process is time-consuming and costs
  • Quality inspectors lack the ability to instantly review and process jobs
  • SAP QM approvals and decision-making restricted to desktop usage
  • Lack of appropriate tools and technology to review and manage QM jobs on the go
  • Decreased service levels due to lower first-time resolution rate

Inspection Lots Recording

  • The QM app is tightly integrated with the supply chain to allow managers and quality inspectors to create inspection lots based on work orders
  • Generate inspection lots based on batch releases, production orders, process orders, scheduled inspections, and goods issues from production
  • Allows quality managers to manage and review inspection lots; record results instantly on any device

Usage Decisions

  • The QM app allows managers to assign inspection lots to quality supervisors and decision makers
  • Enables quality managers to approve, reject, or hold inspection lots, options to add comments
  • Allows quality managers to review sample size and record usage decisions based on results recorded

Measuring Points

  • Enables maintenance technicians to view measuring points to determine the condition of equipment at regular intervals
  • The QM App allows maintenance engineers to create measuring point document(s) based on equipment performance
  • Additionally, QM inspectors can view material classification, measurement range, target value for reviewing and streamlining qualitative maintenance
SAP Quality Management App

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    SAP Quality Management App

    Value Drivers

    • Offers an intuitive and dynamic UI to customize fields without coding effort
    • The QM App offers simple, yet powerful user experience to boost user adoption
    • Provide faster resolutions to customers, enhances customer satisfaction
    • Allows to meets SLA compliance and quality benchmarks
    • Improves accuracy, eliminates manual processing to minimize errors
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