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Defining a Vision

About 5000 organizations are moving to S/4HANA each year and its capabilities – breath-taking. Equipped with the most advanced in-memory platform today it delivers massive simplifications in business models and stunning innovations with IoT and Big Data. In this digital and networked economy, Mobolutions is enabling enterprises break limitations and deliver value by linking business with technology

What can Mobolutions do for you?

  • Navigate all aspects of IT-business process infrastructure for detailed assessment up to L3/L4 to determine potential value of S/4 HANA for business
  • Choosing the right S/4 HANA Product (S/4 HANA Finance, S/4 HANA Enterprise Management etc. and the deployment option – Cloud, On-premise, Hybrid)
  • Analyzing the right implementation approach – Greenfield, Brownfield or Hybrid
  • Proof of Concept to further validate your business case based on benefits determined during initial value analysis; this reduces overall project time and cost by 15%
  • We understand that changing an ERP environment can be an intrusive activity and engage with stakeholders for change management and ensure minimal disruption

One of the largest S/4 HANA Cloud Implementation Projects in SAP North America

End-users for a global insurance giant in the USA

Mobolutions partnered with a leading financial and risk management services company to strategize a future-proof IT solution for Finance to tackle industry challenges. As their S/4HANA Cloud implementation partner Mobolutions equipped over 1000 end-users to have access to actionable real-time data reporting coupled with the intuitive Fiori 2.0 user experience enabling them to surpass industry pressures in a digital economy.

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