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By the year 2025 the construction industry is expected to grow by 70% to US$ 15 trillion (PwC, Global Construction 2025) and the world population to reach 9 billion by 2050.

Construction as an industry has been slower compared to other sectors in responding to digitization and lean execution strategies to the fullest extent possible.

Yet, in recent times Enterprise Mobility has be classified by 67% of prime construction companies as the important or most important part of their technology strategy to be implemented in a Deloitte survey.

Building information modeling (BIM) representations are mandated in some countries for compliance compelling digitized information that extends beyond 3D (Width, height and depth), to 4D (Time) and 5D (Cost).

The revolution of high-end construction management software. Times of transition like never before

In the era of mega-projects, the latest practices involve stunning construction management technology impacting operating costs significantly through automation.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) for asset management, environmental sustainability, machine to machine communication and remote operations.
  • 3D Printing/Scanning & Robotics have increased the possibilities to create digital models, facilitate renovations & monitor quality assurance.
  • Pre-fabrication and assembling greatly reducing waste and time, with the highest standards of quality and allowing for year-round construction.

Construction Management Technology

  • Real-time communication and reporting for an increasingly contingent labour force as more companies are turning to contractors and service providers
  • Automated workflows that connect machinery with optimized routing software that aids in faster and accurate completion with minimized supervision
  • Real-time analysis and project collaboration between owners, engineers, architects and other members of the team, preventing work in silos
  • Complexity of projects involving business across countries and multiple channels tackled through performance analytic engines that turns data into intelligence
  • Millennial generation will comprise 50% of workforce by 2020 calling for mobile initiatives to an outdated manual and paper-based process

Enterprise readiness through changing times – Laying the foundations strong

Construction Apps by module

Explore the best construction apps that you can leverage from Fiori within your existing SAP license! Fiori construction apps cover a wide range of modules for management and field workers, including construction project management apps and construction safety apps. Go ahead and build with Fiori.


Human Capital Management

Investing in Talent Management
Construction is one of the most labor-intensive industries. Yet, most often HRM functions are centralized to the head office, when problems and operational issues happen on the field. Mobility offers HR solutions that cater to the needs of employees across every level of the organizational hierarchy paving the way to better administration, talent management, and retention rates.

  • My Leave Requests App
  • My Travel and Expenses App
  • Approve Leave Requests App
  • Employee Lookup App
  • My Inbox App – Approve Travel
  • My Timesheet App
  • Approve Timesheets App
  • My Inbox App – Approve Travel Expenses
  • My Paystubs App
  • People Profile App

Asset Management

Ensuring Maximum ROA
The best condition-based maintenance strategy, timely dispatch of personnel and preventive measures can be charted. You can monitor equipment performance and equipment delivery to the appropriate location with construction apps.

  • Manage Order List App
  • Manage Notification List App
  • Process Measuring Point App
  • Manage Maintenance Plan and Item List App
  • Process Maintenance Order App

Asset Management

Ensuring Maximum ROA
The best condition-based maintenance strategy, timely dispatch of personnel and preventive measures can be charted. You can monitor equipment performance and equipment delivery to the appropriate location with construction apps.

  • WBS Element App
  • Milestone Overview App
  • Project Report App
  • Network Activity App
  • My Projects App

Sales and Distribution

Setting up a Proactive Sales Program
You can convert client point of contacts to prospective opportunities with vital information on the go. Understanding client needs and closing client deals faster than your competition is now possible with access to instant information.

  • My Quotations App
  • Create Sales Orders App
  • Check Price and Availability App
  • Sales Contract App
  • Credit Memo Request App

Material Management

Optimize Savings through efficient sourcing and contract compliance
Streamline the process of purchase orders and requisitions seamlessly for instant decision-making. You can create greater visibility for stock availability and generate better material requirement plans with the best construction apps from Fiori.

  • Approve Purchase Contracts App
  • Approve Requisitions App
  • Stock – Multiple Materials App


Managing finance for a digitalized business
Implement modern financial management practices to create a competitive edge for your organization. Create a concrete financial strategy that stands through uncertainty.

  • My Worklists App

Environmental Health and Safety

Providing a safe environment at work
Construction safety apps reduce workplace hazards by monitoring areas of danger and harmful exposure. Engage workers in a minimized risk environment through the collection, evaluation, and processing data on risk-prone surroundings and past accidents.

  • Injuries and Illnesses – Detailed Analysis App
  • Monitor Risks App

Quality Management

Improving field productivity with real-time visibility
Mobility empowers staff to have access to critical information in real-time to keep field work efficient. Ensure quicker incident management and mobile maintenance processes with construction apps to enhance productivity and maintain safety parameters.

  • Report Quality Issue App
  • My Quality Tasks App
  • Inspection Lot App
  • Inspection Point App
  • Quality Notification App

Custom App Highlights

  1. 1
    PO Approvals App


    PO Approvals

    Empowers to drill down purchase orders to Item level and provide approvals on the go




  2. 2
    Goods Receipts App

    Goods Receipts

    Instant Goods Receipt porting from mobile device to SAP Inventory



  3. 3
    Inventory Transfer App

    Inventory Transfers

    Transfer inventory from one warehouse to other real-time


  4. 4
    Assets Transfers App

    Assets Transfers

    Track and transfer fixed assets for improved asset utilization


  5. 5
    Project Assignment App

    Project Assignment

    Improve your project planning and tracking on the go


  6. 6
    Time Entry App

    Time Entry

    Instant approvals / rejections of the corrected time events from employees


Our Success Stories

One of the largest and multi-billion-dollar conglomerate from the Middle East leveraged us for Fiori integration.Combined with our proactive approach, managing SAP environment with a dedicated team of BASIS and Fiori experts alongside our 24x7x365 monitoring package helped them go live in 4 quick weeks.

Our client is global supplier of filtration, separations and purification products and is a predominant leader in the US market. With our expert assistance and continuous monitoring, the company mobilized its Supply Chain in 3 weeks.

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