Transform your Oil&Gas company with relevant, timely insights enabled by SAP Industry-based solutions

The oil and gas industry is unique with various touchpoints – especially the upstream oil and gas industry is constantly challenged to create business value using business data and convert it to opportunities. The need for simplifying data and breaking down complex process so as to map the supply-demand balance, rising procurement needs, meeting regulatory compliance has by far become nearly uncontrollable.

The need has never been greater, but to empower employees with a comprehensive, powerful and one single – integrated platform that helps Oil and gas industry unlock the full value of data for smarter decision making. Mobolutions rewards Oil and gas companies to successfully leverage a one-stop-shop solution – oil and gas technology software to give them a competitive advantage to drive faster, smarter, better and with innovation

The Oil and Gas industry is facing new challenges:

  • SAP Purchase orders and Purchase requisitions, billing, material movements happen in silos, the systems are disintegrated and do not communicate to each other – a major bottleneck
  • Most of all transactions, involve papers and more resources to do the same work, the oil and gas industry is trying to overcome disintegration
  • Lack of operational insight due to data transparency, while the existence of multiple O&G units operates globally
  • Limited visibility and in-depth information on supply chain cycle with data dispersed from various sources
  • Isolated business processes for asset management, projects management, asset reliability, safety and compliance result in a high-level inconsistency leading to unreasonable operational costs

Drive business performance through simplified SAP Oil and Gas mobile apps

The emergence of millennial workforce has led to innovation within the Oil&Gas Industry. SAP mobile apps are a good fit for digital oilfield operations since they meet both ends – for users who wants decisive analytics that are simple to understand and use and for decision makers, managers, and stakeholders who require a complete governance, end-to-end security, and manageability of SAP mobile apps. By engaging Mobolutions, companies can quickly transform their business into a strategy that redefines their enterprise across oil and gas industry activities.

Oil and Gas Software
  • Ensure to self-serve, governed data is accessed anywhere, anytime and anyone to make instant decisions
  • Offers deep, granular, and real-time insights to predict and control businesses seamlessly while on the move
  • Gain real-time visibility into oil and gas supply chains, optimize asset life, and decrease operational overhead costs
  • Reduce planning cycle times, increase profitability, and make digital oilfield operations more efficient
  • Enable workers to work more safely and confidently in hazardous state and improve regulatory compliance
  • Improve productivity, minimize operational risk and sustainability, and maximize return on investments

Explore SAP solutions by Oil & Gas industry segment

  • Oil Exploration and production
  • Biofuel and Biodiesel
  • Offshore Drilling
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO)
  • Sustainability operations
  • Petrochemicals
  • Oil Refining and Processing
  • LNG
  • CNG
  • Upstream Oil & Gas
  • Performance analytics
  • Oil Import and Exports

Reimagine and align your Oil & Gas business through end-to-end SAP Mobile Apps

Mobolutions offers a one-stop shop solution for Oil and Gas companies that can connect both SAP on-premise and SAP HANA with SAP Fiori and SAP S/4HANA at the core, thereby helps companies deliver an unparalleled business performance by empowering every user with simple, yet powerful decision making capabilities with SAP mobile apps

  • Self-service budgeting and approval management system to cut delays
  • Fully Integrated financial dashboard with apps to manage and control expenses
  • SAP Fiori-based financial insights and reports to manage budget and control spend
  • Fully customizable application engine with SAP Fiori for optimized user experience
  • SAP Mobile PO PR App provides self-serve access to easily review and approve POs/PRs
  • Accurate and better insights to assess stock in warehouses with Stock overview app
  • Easily control Material Movement by bin, storage location and warehouse with Inventory Management App
  • Interactive dashboards and predictive tools powered by S/4 HANA to provide granular production insights
  • SAP Fiori apps for employees to create, track, and manage procure-to-pay requests
  • Easy and simple supply chain planning and scheduling with customized SAP mobile apps
  • Extended Supply chain capabilities (such as integration with S/4 HANA and Ariba for powerful analytics)
  • Ready to deploy Supply chain mobile apps by Mobolutions fully configured to run both on-premise and HANA
  • Extensive solution to match demand-supply gap, gain real-time visibility into Oil&Gas Stock production
  • Manage stock, provides easy controls to process orders and deliveries with sales order creation app
  • Enhanced simulation and demand forecasting for SAP Upstream operations Management
  • Production forecasting, planning and execution with extended capabilities for SAP S/4 HANA
  • Manage leave and travel requests from a single HR cockpit, raise or approve requests with SAP HR Suite App
  • Daily soft closing with SAP Time and Attendance Management app, correcting timesheet entries
  • Manage training and events, assign team events, schedule and manage trainings instantly
  • Integrated Talent profile app with SuccessFactors to easily collaborate with Employees across business units
  • End-to-end maintenance planning, execution, and scheduling using Fiori apps with the SAP Fiori launchpad
  • Inventory management app for SAP on-premise and Fiori users to seamlessly manage and control Inventory
  • Easily monitor and manage quality management process with Quality Management app
  • Enhanced reporting and analytical capabilities with customized apps based on Fiori and S/4 HANA

Reimagine your business outcomes with us

  • Minimize operational costs and optimize supply chain processes
  • Leverage accurate, real-time and deep business insights and improve decision-making
  • Optimize asset life, secure mission-critical assets and safeguard business
  • Extend the use of existing IT investments to improve profitability and ROI
  • Reduce cost overheads, cut on unnecessary operational delays to run your business safe
  • Reduce cycle times, help business functions more agile and efficient
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Our Success Stories

One of the largest and multi-billion-dollar conglomerate from the Middle East leveraged us for Fiori integration.Combined with our proactive approach, managing SAP environment with a dedicated team of BASIS and Fiori experts alongside our 24x7x365 monitoring package helped them go live in 4 quick weeks.

Our client is global supplier of filtration, separations and purification products and is a predominant leader in the US market. With our expert assistance and continuous monitoring, the company mobilized its Supply Chain in 3 weeks.

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