As an industry waste management has developed substantially in recovery potential due to technological development in route optimization, automated collection, analytics and advanced machine learning.

Waste Management practices differs across regions and sectors; practices cannot be uniform because individual waste management practices cannot deal with a variety of waste material ranging from domestic wastes to mineral and commercial waste.

Waste Management systems remain flexible in light of changing social, economic and environmental conditions. Integrated Waste Management is a holistic approach that combines suitable techniques, technologies and management programs to achieve strategic goals of the organization.

From the technological standpoint most organizations in the waste management and recycling industry or any industry that incorporates a cradle to cradle approach towards sustainability look forward to:

  • Controlling operational and logistics costs specific to waste disposal
  • Improve route and fleet optimization
  • Mobile on-site billing and enhancing customer service
  • Automation of data transfer, reports and documentation
  • Company-wide transparency and compliance

Fleet and Container Asset Management

  • Maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Mobile asset management
  • Spare parts management
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Asset network
  • Contingent workforce management

Customer engagement and commerce

  • Digital transformation of commerce and billing
  • Contextual marketing
  • Smarter selling
  • Customer service excellence

Maintenance planning and scheduling

  • Allocate the right person for the task with knowledge of the appropriate tools and resources
  • Gain a complete view of asset status that integrates documentation for job execution and safety
  • Reduce maintenance costs by synchronizing labour, equipment and schedules

Mobile asset management

  • Mobility enables the workforce to receive and manage work orders, perform inspections and rounds, manage maintenance requests, capture measurement readings, perform metering operations, and track inventory
  • You can work hands-free with smart glasses, and repair instructions can be executed with gesture controls

Spare parts management

  • Plan, monitor, replenish and forecast service parts inventory for tracking and analysis
  • Maintain appropriate inventory levels of required assets to ensure that the assets are available when needed
  • Save time and prevent delays and errors that can occur with manual purchasing processes through integration with consumption-based material requirements planning software and re-order point (ROP)

Operations and maintenance

  • Mobility enables remote workers to access, transfer, complete, and manage assigned work orders
  • Condition-based – maintenance activities is possible through a system of maintenance planning, clear procedure development, visible resource availability, and access to relevant information
  • Process integrated work clearances and work permits

Asset network

  • Gain a competitive advantage through increased speed, transparency, and insights
  • Optimize predictive maintenance by collaborating on asset data
  • Witness market-leading applications and technology to streamline asset management

Contingent workforce management

  • Streamline former manual processes, identify the best suppliers, and automate the entire process of procuring and managing temporary and contract labor
  • Total visibility into workforce allows for automatic enforcement of contract compliance to reduce costs, mitigate risk, improve quality, and increase operational

Digital transformation of commerce and billing

  • Provide a consistent and contextual experience in each channel of the customer journey
  • Set apart from competition by launching customer-centric subscription offers
  • Change customer pricing and partner revenue-sharing models quickly to harness fast-moving markets

Contextual Marketing

  • Deliver personalized experience in every stage of the customer journey by gaining insight into customer’s intent and motivations
  • Drive customer advocacy and growth through understanding the performances of all marketing activities to optimally plan resources

Smarter selling

  • Empower your sales teams to engage with customers and make quick business decisions – anytime, anywhere
  • Personalize interactions based on deep customer and social insights to make an impact with every deal

Customer Service Excellence

  • Deliver a consistent omnichannel experience for today’s socially an digitally connected consumers and exceed expectations
  • Provide effortless customer service by increasing the productivity and responsiveness of your agents in a call center or in the field

Collection Logistics and Environmental Services Planning

  • All assets and related operations are available within a single, integrated, omnichannel platform, providing central access and real-time communication for the mobile workforce, back-office planners, and managers
  • On-board computer solutions that provide data pertaining to: driver, vehicle, container, container location, service date, customer data and advice to the crew in the vehicle

Internet of Things for Bins and Vehicle Telematics

  • Process the big data volume of the smart bins and waste truck telematics in real-time. You can receive an in-depth analysis of the data and processing of complex events along with spatial analysis and visualization of data
  • Big data from various sources are integrated within the waste management organization for better support of processes such as predictive maintenance and handling troubles in service execution

Weighing, Treatment, and Disposal

  • Enable personnel to quickly access customer and business data, generate route listings, manage operations logs, develop sourcing documents, accelerate inbound and outbound weighing and inspections and comply with established regulations
  • Develop efficient processes for better managing contracts and daily performance by improving customer service and simplifying production practices

Smarter selling

  • Optimize the production planning of secondary raw materials and the trading of recovered resources
  • Shift operations from fixed-capacity to customer-responsive recycling processes and respond to changing market conditions

Recycling and Raw Material Trading

  • Deliver a consistent omnichannel experience for today’s socially an digitally connected consumers and exceed expectations
  • Provide effortless customer service by increasing the productivity and responsiveness of your agents in a call center or in the field

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One of the largest and multi-billion-dollar conglomerate from the Middle East leveraged us for Fiori integration.Combined with our proactive approach, managing SAP environment with a dedicated team of BASIS and Fiori experts alongside our 24x7x365 monitoring package helped them go live in 4 quick weeks.

Our client is global supplier of filtration, separations and purification products and is a predominant leader in the US market. With our expert assistance and continuous monitoring, the company mobilized its Supply Chain in 3 weeks.

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