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Improve customer retention and adapt to the subscription-based economy by offering innovative new pricing models through SAP BRIM.


Today many companies in B2B markets face challenges when offering and billing B2B solution packages with innovative pricing models
(comprising usage services, products, recurring subscriptions, and one-time services).


  • Long time to market for new innovative solution packages
  • Lack of automation for defining, offering, and billing new “pay-per-use” services, e.g. Cloud services
  • B2B end-customers want to see one quote and one invoice statement listing all provided services, projects, and products in a period
  • Rating and billing of high volume usage services with sophisticated pricing models
  • Manual billing processes that lead to the high cost and lack of billing transparency for customers which in turns leads to disputes and high DSO
  • SAP BRIM enables service providers to bring innovative pricing offers to market faster than the competition with an intuitive user
    interface that requires zero codings.

In today’s digital economy, customer expectations are rapidly shifting as the market moves from product-centric to relationship-centric, subscription-based business models.
Customer retention is critical to business success, since customers now want the ease and convenience of access without the responsibility of ownership and maintenance. This impacts every stage of the business, from the quoting process to final payment services. Speed and agility are paramount as companies adapt by changing with the market, delivering simplified and personalized solutions that make the billing and ordering experience efficient for end customers.
Companies need robust monetization capabilities so they can capitalize on new opportunities. Subscription based offerings are crucial to business survival, as is the need to go beyond linear billing processes and develop predictable revenue streams.

SAP BRIM covers all marketing scenarios from end-to-end including:

Subscription Order Management


Pricing Simulation


Customer Financials

Flexible Solution Billing

Mediation and Service Control by DigitalRoute

Digital Documents by OpenText

The SAP BRIM solution allows you to:

  • Handle partner contract terms with just as much flexibility as customer pricing and using the same toolset and skills
  • Interlink customer pricing with partner revenue share and commissioning agreements to correctly model your business
  • Tailor your offers to partners by allowing special incentives for your most valuable partners while still maintaining the overall manageability of your pricing catalog
  • Rationalize your infrastructure by calculating and settling amounts due to partners through the same rating and billing solution as for customer transactions
  • Gain partner loyalty and trust with full transparency for partners through customizable detailed reporting and prompt payments


  • Reduced risk by considering the complete picture of the credit and collection history of new and existing customers
  • Improved customer retention by applying preventive measures and extending services to customers appropriate to their credit risk assessment
  • Increased efficiency and decreased costs by automating processes

Our Offerings

Accelerate Time to Value with BRIM Accelerated

Mobolutions offers an accelerated BRIM deployment package that dramatically reduces the time, risk, and complexity involved in implementing SAP BRIM for your company. We developed best practices and a preconfigured software and service package that simplifies BRIM delivery so you can reap the benefits quickly, predictably, and affordably — within a matter of weeks:

  • Deploy SAP BRIM within weeks using pre-configured content and business processes that are tuned to your business needs and industry vertical
  • Start the blueprinting phase with a running SAP BRIM solution so your team can immediately check out how a process flow works within BRIM and make modifications on the fly — instead of having to figure it out using cumbersome documentation
  • Leverage Mobolutions’ BRIM Accelerated content and Best Practices package out of the box, making only minor changes,for ultimate speed to value

Best Practice processes modeled and described

Best Practices processes already configured and documented. Delta implementation built on-top of existing best practices

Test Case Template supplied

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