SAP Business Intelligence

Building a solid BI strategy for turning data into information with ease and speed

The goal of an SAP BI strategy is to enable employees with the right information at the right time, equipping them to make informed decisions. Often, executives and managers look for real-time intelligence to make quick decisions as industry demands rise. This is exactly the point, where organizations sense a gap to deliver the actionable insights needed.

By aligning IT and your business needs, companies can overcome a rear-view perspective of past data, complex spreadsheets, and lengthy tabular reporting. With an array of BI solutions from SAP, get ready for intuitive dashboard reporting for CXOs, eliminate guesswork and receive important insights into consumer behavior.

SAP Crystal Reports

  • Allows users to create highly formatted and pixel-perfect reports quickly
  • Connects to data sources spread across the organization directly or through the common semantic layer
  • Business users can receive personalized reports in their preferred language and format

SAP Business Objects and Business Intelligence Platform

  • Unify BI infrastructure for SAP and non-SAP data sources
  • Ensure business user autonomy with access to a large range of data in plain business terms
  • Trusted data delivery to decision makers anywhere, anytime and on any device

SAP Lumira

  • Create stunning and interactive maps, charts, infographics and dashboards
  • Users can create visualizations from a variety of data by acquiring, and merging data sources online and offline
  • Deliver company-wide BI visualizations on one platform and on any device

SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Experience allanalytics capabilities for all users inone product that prevents switching among multiple analytics point solutions
  • Integrate with existing on-premise solutions
  • Turn insights into quick action by embedding analytics directly into business processesMobolutions’ SAP BI Strategy Development

Mobolutions’ SAP BI Strategy Development

  1. 1
    BI Roadmap

    SAP BI strategy assessment and workshop that helps you define and deliver a BI roadmap with milestones for a strategic BI program

  2. 2
    Architecture Assessment

    Develop a robust and flexible end-to-end solution architecture to protect your investments post assessments

  3. 3
    SAP Analytics on the cloud

    Choose the right SAP analytics solution and tie business strategy to actionable analytics initiatives that contribute to company objectives

  4. 4

    Receive real-time critical intelligence on any device facilitating transactions on the move-Master Data Management

  5. 5
    Master Data Managemen

    Enabling enterprises to link all its critical data while improving data quality and streamlining data sharing across personnel and departments

  6. 6
    Information Security

    Maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of system data and establishing a risk management approach

How is SAP Business Intelligence Platform Helping Organizations?

  • Perform what-if analysis to determine if profits are going to be affected as your sales increases and decreases by various percentages
  • Identify customer drop in purchases to offer special inducements to retain them with BI solutions
  • Conduct sentiment analysis on social media sites to obtain insight into product launches, reputation and service issues
  • Catalog and analyze current and historical reports to support the decision-making process
  • Enable users to perform their own ad-hoc analysis without having to involve IT resources
  • Monitor marketing campaigns in real-time and determine in which segments the funding can be redirected based on performance
  • Track customer orders and desired ship dates against finished goods inventory and adjust production cycle and supply chain logistics to reduce inventory carrying costs.

SAP Analytics Cloud, an innovation from the digital revolution for those wanting to connect data and unify business insights once and for all. From planning and business intelligence to predictive analytics — you can do it all with SAP Analytics Cloud.

SAP Business Intelligence

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