SAP Conversational AI

Deliver breakthrough CX and personalization with Conversational AI

To help SAP users with an immersive, cognitive experience and to deliver a modern conversational enterprise, SAP facilitates a powerful AI deployment: SAP Conversational AI. It aims to replicate and automate communications between SAP service providers and users for a more streamlined customer engagement.

With AI-driven conversational chatbots, SAP users can create, develop, and use a fully functional conversational interface. Enterprises can boost their productivity, access strategic insights for decision-making, and accelerate growth.

Conversational AI Business Benefits

Reduce Billing Errors

Highly Affordable

✓  SAP offers a wide array of services and solutions across the globe and it takes a real-time, cost-effective problem solver to provide immediate, one-on-one support. AI-powered digital assistants leverage both Machine Learning and NLP technologies to recreate the person-to-person connection on all your SAP channels.

Incredible Convenience

Multi-Lingual Customer Support
✓  Languages are not a barrier anymore for seamless customer interaction. Businesses can leverage the power of natural language processing (NLP) and build chatbots in several major languages. NLP empowers enterprises to build chatbots with the capability of analyzing human text and voice inputs.

✓  Chatbots can now speak the customers’ language and engage in human-like conversation with SAP customers.

Advanced Agility

Cost efficiency

✓  Unlike the limitations of human staffing, SAP Conversational AI is cost-efficient as one chat interface can efficiently handle multiple users. The virtual assistant can respond quickly with 24-hour availability.

✓  The chatbot is designed to handle multiple use cases, ensuring comprehensiveness and consistency – with minimal costs.

Accurate Billing and Payment

Improved Customer Engagement

✓  Organizations can train, build, connect, and monitor conversational chatbots on one unique interface. This level of flexibility and real-time information encourages the customers to engage more frequently with the SAP services.

✓ Enterprises can weave all of these technologies – AI, ML, & NLP – together to provide personalized customer experience and cross-sell SAP products.

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    SAP Conversational AI

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