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SAP CRM - My Notes Fiori App
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SAP CRM - Simulate Sales Pipeline Fiori App
SAP CRM - Track Sales Pipeline Fiori App

Business today drives for omn-ichannel customer engagement, pursuing clients in every step of their buying journey to close deals faster. Tracking customer interactions on the go can be challenging. From Contact to Close Fiori apps for CRM helps you make decisions when you are away from your desk. Manage the complete customer relationship cycle with ease on your fingertips.

Customer Reports App

Application Type: Transactional, Analytical (SAP Fiori (SAPUI5))
Database: HANA DB or HANA side-by-side

The Customer Reports app displays consumer user-defined SAP HANA Live reports and the reports are based on the SAP HANA Live queries. SAP Jam integration with the app is possible to discuss information in SAP JAM feeds.

With the Customer Reports app, you can –

  • Display data in tabular form or using the various chart types
  • Filter reports based on filter criteria in facet filters
SAP Fiori - Customer Reports App Screen

My Accounts App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAPUI5))
Database: Any DB

The My Accounts app helps you prepare for a meeting with an account by displaying an overview of contacts, tasks, notes, leads, and opportunities. The app provides key figures such as the expected volume of sales from an account. The app can be used in offline mode in smartphones and tablets.

With the My Accounts app, you can–

  • Record the lifecycle stage for accounts and expected revenue of opportunities.
  • Navigate to detailed information on quotations and sales orders
  • Share and discuss account information in SAP JAM feeds
SAP Fiori - My Accounts App Screen

My Appointments App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAPUI5))
Database: Any DB

The My Appointments app helps create and manage appointments. You can add internal and external attendees and assign an account and contact. Any change made to an appointment is synchronized with the CRM backend and is visible to colleagues added as attendees. Follow-up assignments, tasks, opportunities, and leads a created.

With the My Appointments app, you can –

  • View complete information for an account such as attendees, notes, attachments and transaction history
  • Create and edit new appointments with account details, contact, employee responsible and attendees
SAP Fiori - My Appointments App Screen

My Contacts App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAPUI5))
Database: Any DB

The My Contacts app helps to search and display existing contacts. You can display contact details, start follow-up activities, edit contact information, and create new contacts. To add a new contact, enter data directly on your mobile device or desktop PC, and it is automatically transferred to the backend system. You can call or email the contact directly from the app.

With the My Contacts app, you can –

  • View communication details, function, notes and attachment for a contact
  • Change or add marketing attributes for a contact
SAP Fiori - My Contacts App Screen

My Leads App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAPUI5))
Database: Any DB

The My Leads app helps to process leads and follow up on potential accounts in which you are involved.  You can receive open leads that are assigned to you with an option to accept or reject them. According to the assignment, you can also view leads for which you are not directly involved but have display authorization.

With the My Leads app, you can –

  • View complete lead details such as sales organization, participation, attachments, transaction history and notes
  • Select the maximum number of leads that you want to display
SAP Fiori - My Leads App Screen

My Notes App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAPUI5))
Database: Any DB

With My Notes app, you can record texts as personal notes. The app lets you forward important notes as an e-mail or discuss the notes in SAP JAM. You can add notes as a new appointment/ task in Activity Management or add to an existing opportunity as business transaction notes.

With the My Notes app, you can –

  • Sort notes alphabetically or date-related
  • Create notes as appointments and tasks in Activity Management
SAP Fiori - My Notes App Screen

My Opportunities App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAPUI5))
Database: Any DB

The My Opportunities app helps you create, edit and display opportunities. The app allows you to view complete details of an opportunity such as sales organization, attachments, transaction history and employee responsible. You can create follow-ups for appointments, tasks, and opportunities.

With the My Opportunities app, you can –

  • Add, edit, and delete participants, notes, products, and attachments of an opportunity
  • Discuss opportunity information in SAP JAM group and feeds
SAP Fiori - My Opportunities App Screen

My Tasks App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAPUI5))
Database: Any DB

The My Tasks app displays an overview of tasks by their due date and status – open, completed or due today. It allows changing tasks or creating new ones which synchronizes with the CRM backend and are visible to colleagues unless marked as private. You can create and filter tasks based on different transaction types.

With the My Tasks App, you can –

  • Search for tasks by keyword and display key data such as account, due date, and status
  • Assign task to the employee responsible
  • Add, edit and delete task notes and attachments
SAP Fiori - My Tasks App Screen

Simulate Sales Pipeline App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAPUI5))
Database: Any DB

The Simulate Sales Pipeline app allows you to run different scenarios with variables like changing the expected sales volume, closing date, increasing and decreasing the chance of success and in turn, view the corresponding effect on the sales target achievement. The app provides an overview of the opportunity pipeline and you can view top opportunities based on value.

With the Simulate Sales Pipeline app, you can –

  • View opportunities in weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly time periods
  • View details of opportunity such as account, primary contact, and contact information
SAP Fiori - Simulate Sales Pipeline App Screen

Track Sales Pipeline App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAPUI5))
Database: HANA DB exclusive

The Track Sales Pipeline app allows managers to review the performance of employees in the sales team against overall targets. View the top ten opportunities in the team and related details like account information, primary contact, and the employee responsible. You can analyze and filter the pipeline and target achievement by each team.

With the Track Sales Pipeline app, you can –

  • Display opportunity by account, employee or sales organization
  • Filter and analyze pipeline and target achievement by each team
SAP Fiori - Track Sales Pipeline App Screen
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