Discover how the SAP EHS module minimizes risks in an Organization

The SAP EHS module facilitates the perfect functionality of essential operations (Environment, health, and Safety). By prioritizing important business strategies, such as sustainable growth, responsive production, and organizational excellence, companies are distinctive and can refine EHS management processes that generate competitive advantage. The SAP EHS module for Fiori applications allows companies to step beyond implementation to an intense proactive environment, reducing incidents, cost controls, and output delays possibilities.

SAP EHS initiates a risk evaluation which determines the potential risk either at the organization, location, or equipment levels and includes a systematic approach. This feature also lets businesses improve productivity, maintain accurate records, and eliminate environmental impacts as well as protecting employees.

With processes of the SAP EHS Module, businesses can reduce incidents and operating risks proactively, while sustaining efficiency and consistency. With the SAP EHS solutions, organizational data is streamlined and enabled, along with continuous protection and operational efficiency improvements. It also helps to record, study, and learn about safety observations, and injuries.

Fiori Apps for SAP EHS module aids tremendously in the timely reporting of hazardous circumstances and minimizes risk. The apps help to proactively assess risk and prevent adverse events. Organizations need a systematic approach to manage industrial effluents, comply with environmental regulations and reduce the overall carbon footprint of the company. SAP Environmental, Health & Safety helps organizations do not only that but also manage the safety of the personal workplace of employees such as air quality in the work spot and ergonomics.

SAP Fiori Inspect Safety-Controls App | SAP Fiori EHS App
SAP Fiori Retrieve Safety Information App | SAP Fiori EHS App

Inspect Safety Controls App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAP UI5))

The Inspect Safety Controls app of the SAP EHS module allows you to inspect safety controls that are part of control inspections. The app can be used to inspect safety controls instantly and minimize the need to collect inspection-relevant data for follow-on processing. Inspection officers can easily keep a track of control inspections and prioritize pending tasks.

With the Inspect Safety Controls app, you can –

  • Keep track of the control inspections assigned to you.
  • Monitor the safety controls that are in the control inspections.
  • Monitor the progress level of the assigned control inspections.
  • Capture notes to indicate deviations.
  • Upload pictures of the inspected safety controls.

Retrieve Safety Information App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAP UI5))

View safety-relevant information for chemicals used in the organization’s premises with the Retrieve Safety Information app. As the app allows you to be mobile and check data instantly, there is minimized the need to contact other people or access other systems. The app works by pulling safety-relevant data from the back end onto your mobile device at a given location. This promotes the safe usage and handling of chemicals.

With the Retrieve Safety Information app, you can –

  • Search and obtain data about all chemicals at a particular location.
  • Obtain an overview of the classification and risk level.

Depending on the availability, you can view information about:

  • Hazard classification
  • Protective equipment
  • Local emergency contact and first aid measures.
  • Accidental release measures for personal or environmental precautions, and cleaning up methods.
  • Document attachments for chemicals such as safety data sheets or safety instructions.
  • Obtain a document flow for connected process steps. For example, view sales order created prior to the outbound delivery, or the material document that recorded goods issue posting for the outbound delivery.
SAP EHS Fiori Apps

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    Fiori contains applications not only for the SAP EHS module, but also for other SAP modules including SAP Material Management, SAP Quality Management, SAP WM, SAP Sales & Distribution, and other modules.

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