SAP Fiori – Frequently Asked Questions answered

What is SAP Fiori? / SAP Fiori FAQ answered

1. Does SAP Fiori have any offline capability?
Yes, With SAP Mobile Platform (SMP), a native application like the SAP Fiori Client it is possible to leverage the offline OData capabilities offered by the server. In addition, SAP has enabled some SAP Fiori apps to run offline when “pre-packaged” as hybrid apps hosted inside a native container for iOS or Android.

2. How can I customize a Fiori UI?
You can customize a Fiori UI through the UI Theme Designer and the following options are possible.

3. Is it possible to add a custom developed UI5 app to the Fiori Launchpad?
Yes, it is possible to add a custom app developed from scratch using Fiori standards and custom Fiori apps that have been extended.

4. How to respond if a tile does not exist in the Launchpad?
I. Verify the roles and authorizations assigned to the user
II. Check the target mapping parameters in the launchpad designer
III. Click on the symbol in the upper-left corner to open the menu and tap on Tile Catalog to open the catalogs in the Launchpad.
Now click on the + symbol below the tiles if the tile has not been added to the launchpad.

5. The overall Launchpad response time is slow. How can I check the reason?
Check the timeline for Loading, Scripting, Rendering, and Painting using Chrome timeline. It is also possible that OData service calls took a longer time to load.

6. Is it possible to integrate Fiori with other SAP products like SAP JAM and SAP
i) SAP Lumira can be integrated through three ways:

ii) SAP JAM can be integrated through two ways:

Do you have any questions pertaining to Fiori that are not listed here? Don’t hesitate to write to us. Our in-house Fiori consultants are happy to help.

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