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SAP Fiori Implementation

Your search for an SAP Fiori Implementation Partner ends here. Mobolutions can kick-start your SAP Fiori implementation into high-gear.

As a certified SAP Fiori RDS partner, we can help you with the implementation of SAP NetWeaver Gateway, SAP UI5, and one or multiple Fiori apps for an instant realization of productivity gains; across your organization and on any mobile device.

Engage with us to identify the right type of Fiori implementation option that works best for your enterprise. With more than 50+ SAP certified Mobile Apps in SAP store, Mobolutions is clearly your Fiori Implementation partner of choice for Fiori apps development.

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SAP Fiori Implementation | SAP Fiori Partner | SAP Fiori RDS
SAP Fiori Implementation

Simplify SAP Business Process

SAP Fiori RDS provides pre-packaged Fiori apps making it seamless for SAP businesses to go live in 3 weeks. Fiori RDS is a comprehensive solution that consists of 10,200+ business applications to address various business challenges across multiple lines of business. Build Fiori mobile apps for your commonly used business tasks and allow Fiori users to consume a more personalized user experience to deliver actionable insights on the fly.

  • Provides role-based and real-time access
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Personalized and coherent user experience (UX)
  • Easy and responsive to use across of any device
SAP Fiori | SAP Fiori Partner offer SAP Fiori Implementation and integration, SAP Fiori RDS & Fiori Demo

Bring instant value to your enterprise

SAP Fiori RDS reduces the total cost of Fiori apps implementation by providing Fiori users, the access to complex business data in more simplified manner – at predictable costs, the data is so intuitive and easy to use while saving both time and money spent at every step of project.

  • SAP Fiori RDS to go live in as little as 3 weeks
  • Pre-configured accelerators, templates, and libraries for Fiori rapid deployment
  • Proven methodology and best practices for rollout of SAP Fiori mobile apps
  • Flexible and modular approach to fast-track your SAP Fiori apps implementation
SAP Fiori Partner

SAP Fiori Implementation and Deployment

Fiori SAP | SAP Fiori Partner | SAP Partner Texas

Mobolutions is a SAP Fiori partner for SAP Fiori implementation and deployment. With proven business practices and highly experienced experts, our SAP Fiori RDS packages can facilitate successful adoption of next-generation infrastructure by addressing business challenges while helping SAP businesses to minimize the risk of Fiori deployment. Fiori consultants and Fiori UX experts from Mobolutions help you in:

  1. 1
    SAP Fiori Assessment and Demonstration

    As a qualified SAP Fiori implementation partner, Mobolutions provides a comprehensive assessment of existing SAP landscape with recommendations. This allows SAP businesses to gain a clear visibility on choosing varied implementation paths.

    1. SAP Fiori relevance and readiness analysis using SAP best practices
    2. End-to-end Fiori assessment, validation of SAP infrastructure
    3. Prerequisites and recommendations for Fiori implementation
    4. Personalized Fiori demo and business benefits for your SAP business process

  2. 2
    SAP Fiori Implementation and Deployment Packages

    Mobolutions focus for Fiori implementation is envisioned to help customers operate better and faster hence SAP businesses can take advantage to flexibly choose the right path to implementation and deployment. Mobolutions – Fiori implementation services is time-borne and cost-effective since they possess industry-best experts and consultants to instantly add key sources of value to your business

    SAP Fiori implementation for on-premise users Accelerate your productivity and simplify user experience with Mobolutions on-premise SAP Fiori RDS packages. Through this SAP Fiori RDS offering, SAP business can make full productive use of standard Fiori mobile apps that are ready to deploy and use

    1. Plug and play 100+ transactional Fiori apps on any device
    2. Leverage and extend the value of existing SAP investments
    3. Provides an optimized user experience for Fiori users
    4. Reduce administration and coding effort, manage Fiori launchpad effortlessly

    SAP Fiori implementation for HANA users Streamline SAP Fiori apps implementation and accelerate time-to-value via cloud Fiori deployment option while leveraging the value of existing investments to the maximum. Companies using HANA DB can extend and use existing Fiori apps or deploy new Fiori HANA extensions on HANA Cloud Platform

    1. Deploy and use from 50+ HCP apps via Fiori Launchpad
    2. Extend existing applications or build new Fiori HANA extensions for any business case
    3. Deploy and use Fiori analytical and Factsheet apps on any device
    4. Build and deploy custom Fiori apps using the HANA Cloud Platform
    5. Establish a secure and reliable connection of business data via cloud connectors

    SAP Mobile Platform As a trusted qualified SAP Fiori partner, Mobolutions provides you an end-to-end support to integrate SAP Fiori architecture with SAP Mobile Platform. Fiori apps with SAP Mobile Platform provides SAP businesses with exclusive administration capabilities, unrestricted access, and high-performance standards. In addition, Mobolutions can help to design Fiori apps with a more personalized user experience and advanced UI5 capabilities

    1. Provides comprehensive security while balancing load performance
    2. Exclusive provision to add features such as Camera, GPS, contacts to Fiori apps
    3. Unrestricted access to Fiori users with full offline capabilities
    4. Push notifications to support Fiori users reduce approval backlogs
    5. Improved application performance and seamless user experience

    The combined power of SAP Fiori and S/4 HANA With the combined power of Fiori and S/4 HANA, Fiori users can harness sophisticated real-time analytics, metrics and dashboards to reimagine the user experience. Mobolutions as an SAP Fiori implementation partner for Fiori development provides you an end-to-end assistance to translate S/4 HANA business processes into Fiori launchpad; simply launch and use them anywhere, anytime

    1. Access critical tasks via Fiori launchpad without logging into SAP systems
    2. Provides easily consumable reporting and analytical data to make strategic decisions
    3. S/4 HANA is designed to use Fiori UX to deliver a rich user experience
    4. Informative dashboards, KPIs and metrics simplified across all dimensions of data

  3. 3
    SAP Fiori Launchpad Configuration & Fiori Productivity Apps implementation

    With hands-on experience, Mobolutions is clearly the partner of choice for deploying Fiori. Our SAP Fiori RDS packages enables configuration of SAP Fiori launchpad, process-specific personalization, and development of a wide set of instant value Fiori apps. In addition, SAP Fiori UX gives a consumer-grade, user-experience focused feel to your business process.

    There are a wide range of Fiori productivity apps, including:

    1. Transactional Fiori apps
    2. Analytical Fiori apps
    3. Factsheet apps

    Transactional Fiori apps are task-oriented apps, designed for managers and decision makers to perform various critical tasks around their roles. Rather than logging into the SAP system, managers can review and manage approvals from a single dashboard. Most common tasks such as approving purchase orders, approving leave requests and so on. You can leverage these capabilities without additional IT investments

    Analytical Fiori apps are simple and easy-to-use data analysis apps, managers and decision makers can view comprehensive financial information and structured data to make better and informed decisions on the fly. Fiori analytical apps are readily available to use on HANA database

    Factsheet apps provide instant and comparable results across business objects. You can download financial and business reports, add or manage competition, view performance benchmarks, relatively assess the organization’s performance. Fiori Factsheet apps can be deployed for customers using HANA database

    Benefits of HANA Fiori Productivity apps

    1. State-of-the-art user experience
    2. Provides 360° view on business performance
    3. Seamless navigation and granular search options
    4. Performance and analytics-driven powered by HANA
    5. Simple, attractive and intuitive UI

  4. 4
    SAP Fiori UX and Design Thinking

    SAP Fiori mobile apps use SAP Fiori UX to provide an enterprise-grade user experience. With a network of certified Fiori UX design experts and in line with SAP design thinking principles, our SAP Fiori UX experts help you in delivering a more personalized experience best suited to how your users actually work.

    Our Packages for SAP Fiori UX

    1. End-to-end support for configuring, designing and setting up of SAP Fiori Launchpad
    2. Developing custom Fiori mobile apps with attractive UI/UX
    3. Create custom themes, corporate branding, and user-specific themes
    4. Integrating and deploying Design Studio Fiori apps on Portal launchpad
    5. Applying custom UI themes for Web Dynpro and Visual Studio

  5. 5
    Safe, Secured and Best Practices for SAP Fiori Deployment

    Achieve a completely safe, secure and reliable security around your Fiori development. On top of standard and customized Fiori RDS packages, secure Fiori apps, most importantly the data involved day-to-day business tasks. We extend support to achieve enterprise-level security with SAP Fiori Advanced Security setup.

    1. Provide enterprise-level security for Fiori apps including transactional and business data using Web dispatcher
    2. Single Sign-on security setup to increase security level for Fiori – Set user ID and password to enable 360* security

SAP Fiori Implementation

Value Drivers

  • Defined scope, cost, time; get business mobilized in 3 weeks.
  • Fixed and flexible deployment options
  • Deployment based on SAP qualified RDS model
  • Comprehensive assessment of existing landscape with recommendations
  • Readymade templates and programs to reduce time and cost of Fiori deployment by 40%
  • Instant rise in productivity with quick implementation, powers employees instant access to real-time data allowing employees to work anywhere, anytime
  • Preconfigured Fiori Apps speed up delivery and time to value
  • Collaborate with SAP Fiori RDS partner for completely safe and secured implementation
SAP Fiori Apps

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