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Pocket Finance

Beyond meeting immediate financial planning needs, the most successful companies use Pocket Finance as a strategic tool for innovation, ad hoc decision-making integration, and long-term financial agility. We help our clients to index their key financial functions such as expense approvals, customer collections, and invoice approvals to support their competitive business strategies that shape effective financial practices including accessing expense reports, track outstanding payment dues and enable quick invoice approvals for delivering rapid financial growth. Our strong expertise in financial management provides a robust fact base for understanding and improving client base by making quick customizations and building an app suite of your choice

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Expense Approvals App

The Expense Approvals app provides financial managers with the ability to evaluate, approve and reject expense reports instantly on the go based on total cost and receipt details. The Expense Approvals app streamlines approval process and ensures swift approvals, and enhances productivity

  • Instantly notifies employees on approved status of all pending expense reports
  • Allows managers to add comments while approving or rejecting expense reports
  • View detailed information of expense reports including receipt date and receipt amount
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Customer Collections App

Customer Collections app for SAP simplifies the bills receivable process by enabling the collection agents to collect all outstanding payments or invoice payments on the go during field sales visits. The customer collections app enables to collect partial payments against an invoice or allows to earmark disputed payments for improving financial decision making and efficiency

  • Agents can view the customer work list, payment summary and outstanding payment dues
  • Allows field sales executives to make an automated payment process allows to post cash journal entries which triggers in the SAP backend system immediately
  • Invoice payment and overdue payment summaries can be viewed for quick decision making
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Invoice Accounting Approvals App

The Invoice Accounting Approvals app helps financial managers to approve or reject blocked sales invoices on-the-go. It enables finance department users to efficiently approve or reject before releasing sales invoices to accounting.

  • Review invoices estimates before they are approved and add custom messages
  • Approve invoice documents before processing or posting it to the ledger
  • Reduce invoice approvals backlogs by approving multiple invoices with single click
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Contract Approvals App

The Contract Approvals app enables authorized users and managers to view open purchasing contracts, review and approve them instantly on handheld devices

  • Search for specific and individual contract items from a list of contracts and view them in detail for easy approvals
  • Make multiple contract approvals instantly with single click
SAP HCP Finance Apps

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    SAP HCP Finance Apps

    Value Drivers

    • Expense Approvals App – Reduces expense approval backlogs and gives instant decision-making ability to finance managers
    • Customer Collections App  – Mitigates risk and helps in reduction of bad debts by empowering field reps with invoice payment details for collecting outstanding payments or overdue payments on time
    • Invoice Accounting Approvals App – Reduces invoice accounting backlogs by empowering finance reps with proprietary tools to approve or reject sales invoices on the go
    • Contract Approvals App – Streamlines contract approval delays, reduces backlogs while saving cost and time
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