The Omnichannel E-Commerce
Experience with SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris offers innovative omnichannel e-commerce software solutions that engages B2B and B2C clients in every step of their buying journey. Today, purchasing a commodity could start with browsing on one device and may persist through various touch points like social media interactions, a print ad, and a visit to the store with the sale being made on a completely different device, location and time.

The question being, how do we engage customers with a consistent experience across all channels all the time? In a mobile disrupted market place where the purchase path is no longer linear, marketers face an uphill task of retaining the consumer’s attention spans and taking the shopping cart to the finish line. While IT operations may be complex, it has also never been as exciting with so many opportunities to reach out to the consumer through consistent omnichannel solutions such as those offered by Hybris.

Hybris Omnichannel E-Commerce Solutions

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SAP Hybris Consulting Services

  • Technical assistance, architecture and conceptual work for SAP Hybris platforms
  • Multi-device strategy and channel design
  • Development of User Experience Interfaces
  • SAP Hybris middleware support
  • Test management
  • IT change management for integrating SAP Hybris that may require changes in other systems or pre-existing business processes

Hybris Implementation and Integration

  • An implementation timeline for launch between 16 – 18 weeks
  • Supporting any SAP Hybris deployment option: Cloud, On-premise and Hybrid
  • SAP Hybris Integration solutions with the other systems in your enterprise, including your ERP, CRM, OMS, and WMS
  • Implementation and management of all layers of the Hybris solution stack
  • Integration with third-party digital applications like Google Analytics, Mint, Clicky, Sprinklr, etc.
  • Transfer of master data, prices, stock level, order documents between Hybris and SAP ERP

SAP Hybris Commerce

B2C Commerce

  • Give customers the freedom they want to choose and place orders in any channel and decide when and how they want to receive them
  • Provide language preferences and add flavour as per regional preferences

B2B Commerce

  • Create a great buying experience similar to B2C with personalized real-time behavior analysis
  • B2B customers can manage their own accounts and assign rights to employees and set purchasing limits
  • Enable customized payment processes and options to cater to different buyer types

Product and Catalog Management

  • Provide a comprehensive and consistent view of all product-related data across all channels
  • Products can be updated online rapidly due to coordinated content development and approval procedures

Omnichannel Fulfilment

  • Consumers can enjoy the flexibility of having their product delivered or choose to collect the mat the store
  • Real-time visibility into stock availability across all channels for consumers; view inventory levels across the organization to optimize sourcing needs

Contextual Merchandising

  • Stay updated with  visitor trends and convert them into prospective buyers with the right merchandising strategy
  • Can be integrated easily with SAP Hybris Commerce and SAP Hybris Customer Experience

Commerce for SME

  • Experience all the leading benefits of the SAP Hybris solution in the right customized package for growing SME Businesses
  • Reduced IT down-time with rapid deployment solutions

SAP Hybris Marketing

Customer Profiling

  • Advanced analytics that presents transactional and behavioural data of the consumer across all channel
  • Get deeper insights on the purchasing path of the customer and predict the next spend

Campaign Management

  • Create meaningful interactions with your target audience in the channel they prefer through social media or emails
  • Target audience analytics helps you decide on the right marketing campaign and avoid over-spend on what you don’t need

Building Loyalty and Advocacy

  • Integrate returning customers into loyalty programs by rewarding them and generate insights for repeated returns
  • Integrate loyalty program management across commerce and marketing operations in all channels

Marketing Resource Management

  • Coordinating all marketing activities prevents silos and ensures that the team is working together and towards the same goal
  • Track campaign spend, know where to make campaign adjustments and focus efforts upon

Impactful Marketing Analytics

  • Analytical Apps for lead generation, tracking customer purchase paths and monitoring campaign progress and spend
  • Generate C-level marketing overview and reporting to forecast trends

Marketing Lead Management

  • Back your sales people with in-depth customer intelligence to generate high-quality leads
  • Generate customer lead from the first point of contact and send them the right follow-up at the right time

SAP Hybris Revenue

Subscription Order Management

  • Monitor whether orders are delivered and billed accurately
  • Attract new customers by putting together the right combination of products and offers

Responsive Quality Control

  • Measure accurately the services customers use to avoid under-billing and prevent loss and duplication
  • Control the services provided from the subscriber level and improve customer satisfaction by reacting to their usage in real-time

Agile Charging

  • Update new pricing models with agility to stay ahead of the competition
  • Target customers with personalized offers and still retaining a consistent product catalog

Optimized Pricing Simulation

  • Define pricing strategies according to each consumer segment
  • With SAP HANA, you can view the outcomes of pricing simulations in real-time providing accurate analytics


  • Adopt simple and clear invoicing with items from multiple lines of business to reduce printing and mailing cost
  • Including third party vendors to increase transparency and keep customers informed of which vendor is responsible for a particular charging

Versatile Document Management

  • Documentation process is streamlined reducing dependency on third-party software; create bank statements, order confirmations, contracts, quotes, paper and electronic invoices with ease
  • Changes in documentation are available across all company products saving time and ensuring consistency

Customer Financial Management

  • Provide several mode of payment options for consumers from credit/debit cards, checks, cash or bank transfers including flexible paying plans
  • Enable customer service agents to provide a great service by automating back-end processes

Consolidated Billing

  • B2B customers can transact easily with a single contract, quote and bill even for complex offerings and enjoy a smooth customer experience
  • Save time and money through a single invoice and avoid manual integration of products, services and projects

SAP Hybris Sales

Sales Force Automation

  • Discover which lead has a greater chance of closing based on similar opportunities in the past with real-time lead scoring
  • Receive complete customer intelligence, bring in top influencers to the sales process based on smart recommendations and utilize the perfect combination of products and people to close a deal

Sales Performance Management

  • Stay tuned to the sales pipeline, performance information, upcoming trends and compare sales results to predict future performance
  • Optimize sales opportunities and reduce costs by ensuring the right sales territory coverage and allocating support teams

Retail Execution

  • Field reps are up to date with information about in-store happenings, purchases and promotions while making their retail visits
  • Stay ahead of competition with access to in-store insights to facilitate in product placement, pricing and campaigns

SAP Hybris Service

Comprehensive self-service

  • Enable customers to access peer reviews, FAQ’s anytime to resolve queries preventing excessive queuing at the call center
  • SAP Hybris Knowledge Central helps provide customers all the product information they need and problem solving content from expert in one place to resolve issues quickly

Service from anywhere

  • Equip call center agents to respond to queries from traditional support channels like chat/ email and social media channels
  • Track the performance of the customer service team through powerful analytics and trend prediction provides foresight on what queries are likely to arise

Integrated on-site service

  • Get the right field service technician on-site most qualified for the job reacting promptly to changes in demand
  • Equip technicians with relevant information as required on-site as needed and manage their performance through mobile devices