The Omnichannel E-Commerce
Experience with SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris offers innovative omnichannel e-commerce software solutions that engages B2B and B2C clients in every step of their buying journey. Today, purchasing a commodity could start with browsing on one device and may persist through various touch points like social media interactions, a print ad, and a visit to the store with the sale being made on a completely different device, location and time.

The question being, how do we engage customers with a consistent experience across all channels all the time? In a mobile disrupted market place where the purchase path is no longer linear, marketers face an uphill task of retaining the consumer’s attention spans and taking the shopping cart to the finish line. While IT operations may be complex, it has also never been as exciting with so many opportunities to reach out to the consumer through consistent omnichannel solutions such as those offered by Hybris.

Hybris Omnichannel E-Commerce Solutions

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SAP Hybris Consulting Services

  • Technical assistance, architecture and conceptual work for SAP Hybris platforms
  • Multi-device strategy and channel design
  • Development of User Experience Interfaces
  • SAP Hybris middleware support
  • Test management
  • IT change management for integrating SAP Hybris that may require changes in other systems or pre-existing business processes

Hybris Implementation and Integration

  • An implementation timeline for launch between 16 – 18 weeks
  • Supporting any SAP Hybris deployment option: Cloud, On-premise and Hybrid
  • SAP Hybris Integration solutions with the other systems in your enterprise, including your ERP, CRM, OMS, and WMS
  • Implementation and management of all layers of the Hybris solution stack
  • Integration with third-party digital applications like Google Analytics, Mint, Clicky, Sprinklr, etc.
  • Transfer of master data, prices, stock level, order documents between Hybris and SAP ERP