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SAP Intelligent Technologies & Why Do They Matter?

The way enterprises are doing business processes and optimizing them is changing. That means your processes should too. Gartner, a global research and advisory firm, has recently reported that AI, virtual personal assistants, and chatbots will replace almost 69% of the manager’s workload by 2024.

Rather than dehumanizing the existing everyday work, AI-powered technologies can be used to augment the current processes that are bogged down in paperwork and manual data entry. Emerging intelligent automation technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Assistants, Internet of Things (IoT), and Robotics are powering the next industrial revolution.

But how future-ready are you to deliver new value to customers, not just improve what is already being done? Forbes reports a survey where 90.9% of firms cite people and process challenges as the biggest barriers to becoming data-driven organizations.

It’s time to rethink and realize the full value of digitalization. That’s where Mobolutions, an SAP partner trusted by countless global businesses, comes in. We help enterprises leverage SAP’s innovative intelligent technologies and equip them to efficiently perform repetitive tasks, operate complex processes without human intervention, and make better decisions.

Redefine Your Business Ecosystem With Disruptive Intelligent Technologies!

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, & Natural Language Processing are the core components of modern intelligent technologies. Mobolutions helps businesses leverage these technologies to enable predictions with improved accuracy. The outcomes are greater customer experiences, personalized business support, and intelligent products.

Conversational AI

Powered by AI, SAP facilitates smart chatbots for a distinctive interactive experience. The intelligent bots support the customers throughout the business journey by mimicking human conversations and offering personalized customer service.

The virtual assistants are designed to tailor the conversations to the customers and adapt to individual customer’s requirements.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT prepares manufacturing industries for the standards of Industry 4.0 as IoT-enabled infrastructure offers faster, better, and more streamlined solutions and services. SAP paves the platform for smart factories by facilitating inter-connected, interoperable devices. Using IoT, SAP helps manufacturers to easily collect, analyze, and manage information. It results in real-time data and analytics, better productivity, and a new era of greater efficiency.

Robotics (RPA)

With Robotic Process Automation, businesses can automate repetitive, rules-based business processes.

RPA’s integral advantage is to have the flexibility to learn business processes over time and intuitively respond to changes – which is quite a leap from pre-determined and scripted basic automation.

Values Mobolutions Brings In Through SAP Intelligent Technologies

  • SAP’s intelligent automation platformis fueled by the key technologies of sentiment analysis, text extraction, language translation, virtual chatbots, deep learning, and pattern recognition. The wealth of varied technologies accelerates your enterprises’ digital adoption and gain actionable insights.
  • Expand your business offerings to the ends of the earth: implementing SAP’s chatbot interface through Mobolutions helps you build bots in several major languages. Reduce up to 40% of staffing costs as the SAP platform serves as the single resolution point for global customers.
  • Reduce nearly 50% ofthe decision-making lifecycle as the IoT presents accurate and secure data. Mobolutions help you enhance trust as IoT technology securely gathers huge data from various sources and also authenticates the information.
  • Financial organizations can have an incredible level of interoperability, thanks to Mobolutions’ capability to streamline the platform to offer greater transparency and traceability.
  • Unlock new values through Mobolutions’ RPA digital workforce as we can help you automate repetitive, error-prone, rule-based, and time-critical tasks. Businesses can benefit from decreased cycle times and improved throughput.
SAP’S Intelligent Technologies

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