How does the SAP Fiori Launchpad function?

SAP Launchpad | SAP Fiori Launchpad

SAP Launchpad is the point of entry to access all Fiori applications. It is easy to navigate and is designed for a simple and intuitive user experience. The SAP Fiori Launchpad is customized according to the user and only apps that are relevant for the user will feature on the Fiori Launchpad. Apps are presented as tiles on the Launchpad and the user has access to those apps or groups (a number of apps classified under a category) assigned to the user by a role administrator.

Functions of the SAP Fiori Launchpad:

  1. Users can personalize their homepage with the Personalize icon whereby it gives the option to add, move, rename and remove tiles from the homepage.
  2. User can have access to add apps/ tiles to a group (s) from the set of apps that display on their homepage which has been allocated by the role administrator.
  3. Using the Tile Catalog option, users can create, delete or arrange these groups.
  4. The SAP Launchpad besides providing access to the Fiori Apps also launches SAPUI5 custom apps, Web Dynpro apps or any URL.
  5. With the search capability of the SAP Fiori Launchpad users can view recent searches and apps used and can directly open a factsheet app. For instance, you can search for a goods issue document number in the Fiori Launchpad and open the Goods Issue factsheet app immediately.
  6. Users can create their own custom themes using the UI Theme Designer and apply the theme to the SAP Launchpad.An important feature of the SAP Fiori Launchpad is its responsiveness. It provides a cross-device UX for users. Across a desktop, mobile phone or tablet, the visual design automatically adapts to the screen size of the device. This is possible through the SAP Fiori Client, a native app provided by SAP for the Fiori Launchpad. The Fiori Client provides a consistent multi-channel performance for Fiori applications through enhanced cache management features and attachment viewing process for a mobile browser.

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