Endless possibilities with Mobile Apps in Manufacturing

Advancement in Enterprise Mobility for manufacturing industries has seen evident benefits across businesses including better outcomes for lean manufacturing strategies employed.

High-quality operations coupled with increased efficiency and reduced costs are factors propelling manufacturing enterprises towards mobile technologies.

TOP 3 Priorities of Industrial Manufacturing CEOs (Forbes):



Data Mining and Analysis


Business to Business

  • Possible to reflect the latest pricing for build-to-order products, enabling the sales team to generate quotes rapidly thereby resulting in higher conversion rates.
  • Field service requests are managed without delay by manufacturers to send the right technician to the required problem with the appropriate parts the first time itself

Business to End Customer

  • Order management becomes more transparent to sales reps equipping them to provide customers with up to date order status, delivery dates and create order alerts across the world.
  • Coordinating supply chain analytics and logistics for manufacturers with business models based on rapid inventory turnover and tight production schedules

Business to Employee

  • Production workflows that can be accessed from dash boards in mobile devices
  • Machinery compliance is monitored through mobile-based sensors that captures and reports information in real time to maintenance workers

Automated Agile Manufacturing

A market leader in a competitive and constantly changing environment with product individualization at mass costs. Technology alone does not contribute to making an agile enterprise but the right technology with the right combination of strategies, business practices and culture make an organization agile. You can now run flexible and integrated automated agile manufacturing with SAP manufacturing solutions.

Manufacturing Operations

  • Process Manufacturing Orchestration and Execution
  • Quality Management and Compliance
  • Production Warehouse

Responsive Manufacturing

  • Responsive Production Planning
  • Integrated Production Scheduling
  • Discrete Manufacturing Orchestration and Execution
  • Lean Manufacturing

Manufacturing Network

  • Sense and Respond to Production Insights
  • Outsourced Manufacturing Collaboration
  • Product Genealogy

Operational Excellence

Ensure reliable business growth and competitive advantage by improving operational safety, avoiding unplanned downtime, enhancing product quality and maximizing return on production assets

SAP ME | SAP Manufacturing Execution

Manufacturing Operations

Ensure ways of getting most out of an asset by assuring uptime, creating effective maintenance procedures, avoiding service delays and reducing maintenance costs

  • Asset strategy and performance in place tracks asset criticality and suggests maintenance strategies based on asset health
  • Maintenance planning and scheduling help to reduce maintenance costs by synchronizing labour, equipment and schedules.
  • Mobile asset management enables the workforce to receive and manage work orders, perform inspections and rounds, manage maintenance requests, capture measurement readings and track inventory
SAP MES | SAP Manufacturing Execution System

Environment, Health and Safety

  • Perform thorough risk assessments, measure and report emissions
  • Measuring and creating reports on emissions and designing effective controls supports intelligent change and fosters sustainability
Manufacturing Process | SAP Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Network

  • Sense and Respond to Production Insights
  • Outsourced Manufacturing Collaboration
  • Product Genealogy

Improve operational efficiency by gaining real-time visibility and transparency over manufacturing operations.

Responsive Production Planning

  • Fulfil customer requirement for shorter lead time and at lesser costs
  • Greater visibility into the plant floor to effectively monitor the manufacturing capacity, establish quality control and customer service
    Integrated Production Scheduling
  • With SAP manufacturing solutions gain a consistent view on inventory, capacity, and detailed material flow
  • Address different industry-specific sequencing requirements with configurable multilevel production scheduling
  • Optimal resource scheduling is possible by considering finite capacity, material availability constraints and rules for sequencing and setup

Discrete Manufacturing Orchestration and Execution

  • Provide end-to-end visibility in production control increases throughput, makes cycle times shorter and more predictable, and reduces work in process.
  • Non-conformance is addressed through integrated, embedded quality and compliance controls

Lean Manufacturing

  • Drive timely production through manufacturing techniques that support a blend of push and pull methods
  • Gain better visibility across manufacturing and supply chain processes to produce goods of optimum quality in the right quantity with consistency and predictability
  • Explore a broad range of processes including flow manufacturing, lean planning and execution, data collection, integration and analytics

Smarter selling

Enhance production operations management with built-in reports on batch lifecycles and automated transfer of production results.

Process Manufacturing Orchestration and Execution

  • Production operators can meet product quality standards through the management of receipts and process instruction sheets
  • Real-time updates on production KPIs enhance decision making at all levels resulting in product quality across batches, optimal use of production assets and instant responses to change

Quality Management and Compliance

  • Sustain quality control through organization-wide closed-loop quality management processes to prevent deficiencies and enable continuous process improvement
  • Quality managers can ensure compliance with regulatory and manufacturing regulations at the same time minimizing operating cost and limiting poor product quality

Production Warehouse

  • Synchronize material flow between warehousing and production operations
  • Efficient consumption during the production process cycle is realized through timely availability of materials in the required quantities

It is possible to identify and resolve issues across the supply chain – modifying changes to an existing product or manage new product introductions, increasing fulfilment of delivery commitments and sharing process improvement ideas across the enterprise.

Sense and Respond to Production Insights

  • Gain insights into the priority, cost, and impact of alterations and improvements in standard processes and workflows
  • Track the resources, people and machines performing the work to assess progress, and control the variations that arise from modifications to the process

Outsourced Manufacturing Collaboration

  • Shorten lead times and lower manufacturing costs through automated functions to view the status of materials at outsourced locations, track milestones, and identify issues proactively
  • Finalize work orders rapidly for make-to-order items and subcontractor purchase orders

Product Genealogy

  • Trace batch-managed products and components across the supply network and link them to deliveries and purchase orders
  • Personnel can analyze and find the root cause of product defects enables by browser-based graphical tools and report on recalls and withdrawals
  • Thorough view into product geneaology enhances service levels, minimizes product issues and facilitates regulatory compliance

Our Success Stories

One of the largest and multi-billion-dollar conglomerate from the Middle East leveraged us for Fiori integration.Combined with our proactive approach, managing SAP environment with a dedicated team of BASIS and Fiori experts alongside our 24x7x365 monitoring package helped them go live in 4 quick weeks.

Our client is global supplier of filtration, separations and purification products and is a predominant leader in the US market. With our expert assistance and continuous monitoring, the company mobilized its Supply Chain in 3 weeks.

A Lean manufacturing approach with SAP Manufacturing solutions

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