Fiori Apps for SAP MM

SAP MM (Material Management) is a module for SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). SAP Material Management is an integral part of the logistics function that assists in the handling of an organization’s procurement activities.

The SAP Material Management can decide on every site’s volume of material to be shipped in the distribution network, establish material recycling strategies, agree on the volume of orders for each product group (raw material, finished goods), and transmit information on the material requirements within the expanded distribution.

The SAP MM module is part of SAP Logistics and its function covers various areas of the transportation of materials from the supplier to the customer.

The procurement, packaging, transportation, and distribution of products in the supply chain require logistics. Materials Management includes several aspects of SAP features, including ordering, product selection, material processing, inventory, and billing. Materials Management’s key goal is to ensure that the supply chain is stable, that the inventory is sufficiently large, and that the outcomes are consistent.

The SAP Fiori applications suite for MM provides you with a well-rounded and coherent user experience across different devices, valuable production insights, and decision-making ability on-the-go. It aligns perfectly with SAP’s current user experience strategy.

SAP Fiori application mimics consumer online shopping patterns and social media interaction. This consumer-like experience saves time and drastically improves productivity. The hassle-free app navigation enables you to find exactly what you are looking for and respond quickly to requests. These apps can manage the entire gamut of the material management process, right from procurement to payment and inventory to final voice receipt and verification.

The SAP MM module has many sub-components, and the important ones are as follows:

  • Master data
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory management
  • Invoicing verification
  • Assessment of Material
  • Service management

The main details, purchases and inventory management in the SAP MM module are most included in the above listed sub-components. To facilitate and simplify things A enhanced user interface is provided by SAP Fiori Apps that ensures a reliable, seamless, convenient, and efficient experience for people in the organization.

Approve Service Entry Sheets - Fiori App
Order from Requisitions - Fiori App
Approve Requisition - Fiori App
Approve Purchase Orders - Fiori App
Approve Supplier Invoice - Fiori App
Purchasing Info Record - Fiori App
Confirm Receipt of Goods - Fiori App
Approve Purchase Contracts - Fiori App
Create Purchase Requisitions - Fiori App
Goods Issue - Fiori App

How SAP Fiori Apps Transforms the SAP MM Module:

SAP Fiori is a collection of browser-based design modules to complete standard business operations with increased reliability and a highly improved user interface. The SAP Fiori applications concentrate and solve the lack of credibility on the market-based platform, mainly by tracking regular resources operations and consumer needs that impact day-to-day business activity and impose pressure on local assets.

SAP Fiori applications for the MM module aspires to provide a convenient, efficient, and insightful user interface to give your company the right atmosphere. Fiori offers the possibility to run the browser-based platform without any limitation and is a mix of convenient, user-friendly apps, often combined with SAP modules.

SAP Fiori is committed to providing enterprises with intuitive mobile experiences to increase their competitiveness and customer engagement while enhancing usability and simplifying their SAP user experience. Improved usability across device platforms is possible everywhere and anywhere.

Approve Service Entry Sheets App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAPUI5))
Database: Any DB

View, approve and reject pending service entry sheets (SES) approvals with the Approve Service Entry Sheets app. You are able to quickly and efficiently process service entry sheets away from the desktop through the mobile device. If a service entry sheet is rejected, it is sent back to the previous approval step and the rejection notes will be visible to other approvers.

With the Approve Service Entry Sheets app, you can –

  • Receive an overview of each service entry sheet, including its description, creation date, value, creator, and service provider
  • Identify whether a service is fulfilled as planned by viewing the status – Unplanned, Below planned, Above planned, As planned
  • Access the sum of all service entry sheets for a purchase order item by viewing the overall percentage of consumption, overall planned value, overall consumed value and overall limit

Approve Supplier Invoices App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAPUI5))
Database: Any DB

Approve Supplier Invoices app allows for the supplier invoices assigned to you by SAPBusiness Workflow to be displayed with approve and reject feature for the corresponding work item. For further processing, it is possible to forward a work item to another employee if required.

With the Approve Supplier Invoices app, you can –

  • Choose a work item from the list view and display it in the detail view
  • View history of approved invoices received from the current supplier

Confirm Receipt of Goods App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAPUI5))
Database: HANA DB Exclusive

Employees can confirm the receipt of goods for those material items whose corresponding purchase requisition and the purchase order has been listed on the Confirm Receipt of Goods app. This can be done either by entering the quantity which needs to be confirmed or by selecting the item. Navigation to its related business objects like Purchase Requisition Item factsheet and Supplier factsheet is also possible.

With the Confirm Receipt of Goods app, you can –

  • Access purchasing contacts in case a need to contact arises
  • Indicate the quantity you want to confirm and partial confirmation is also possible
  • List information related to a purchase requisition and the associated purchase order
  • Check the item for final delivery

Create Purchase Requisitions App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAPUI5))
Database: HANA DB Exclusive

The Create Purchase Requisition app, allows a procurement employee to make purchase requests by selecting the products from catalogs or by providing the descriptions of the item they need to buy. It allows the users to search, filter and view the details of the products including their ratings.

With the Create Purchase Requisition app, you can –

  • Select a material or create own items by providing descriptions of the items to be procured
  • Add details such as delivery address, source of supply and accounting information
  • Search for an item through wildcard characters

Goods Issue App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAPUI5))
Database: HANA DB Exclusive

Goods issue is the movement of material goods out of the warehouse in which the materials are either issued back to the vendor, withdrawn for some sampling purpose, or delivered to the customer thereby decreasing the quantity in the warehouse. The Goods Issue app displays contingent information about the Goods Issue business object by providing an option to navigate to other factsheet apps like inbound delivery, outbound delivery, return delivery & Purchase order and access its related transactions in ABAP back-end systems.

With the Goods Issue app, you can –

  • Display contextual information about the Goods Issue business object
  • Navigate to related business objects and related transactions in the back-end systems

Approve Requisitions App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAPUI5))
Database: Any DB

With the Approve Requisitions app, procurement managers can search, display details of specific purchase requisitions and can approve/ reject the items or entire pending purchase requisitions. Alternatively, you may forward approvals to different employees for further processing. Account assignment details for a specific PR can also be viewed.

With the Approve Requisitions app, you can –

  • Present detailed information for purchase requisitions such as account assignment or attachments
  • Approve or reject items of a purchase requisition as item-based approval, and approve or reject entire purchase requisitions as overall approval

Approve Purchase Orders App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAPUI5))
Database: Any DB

The Approve Purchase Orders app enables a purchaser to view and approve/reject the pending purchase orders. Additionally, they can search for specific POs, display detailed information for each of them and can forward approvals within the organization for further processing, if necessary. It is possible to view details such as the approval note, account assignment, attachments, item details, and price conditions.

With the Approve Purchase Orders app, you can –

  • Search for specific purchase orders
  • Approve/ reject purchase orders or forward to another approver

Approve Purchase Contracts App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAPUI5))
Database: Any DB

Through the Approve Purchase Contracts app, a purchaser can search for specific contracts, display details such as conditions, target quantities, target values etc. against each contract. Approve/reject the pending purchase contracts or forward it internally to other employees for further processing.

With the Approve Purchase Contracts app, you can –

  • Search and identify specific contracts
  • Approve/reject contracts or forward them to colleagues

Order from Requisitions App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAPUI5))
Database: Any DB

Convert approved purchase requisitions into purchase orders with the app Order from Requisitions. The app allows you to assign matching suppliers to each purchase requisition, and then bundle the requisitions to create a purchase order for each supplier with the app. You can select the relevant supplier if multiple suppliers can deliver the product.


With the Order from Requisitions app, you can –

  • View approved purchase requisitions that are not yet assigned to suppliers
  • Review simulated purchase orders

Purchasing Info Record App

Application Type: Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAPUI5))
Database: HANA DB exclusive

Display contextual information about the purchasing info record business object with this app. It is possible to navigate to related business objects and to related transactional apps. You can get an overview of purchasing info record data, such as – the supplier, material and other key facts relevant in the business context.

With the Purchasing info record app, you can –

  • Access additional information relevant in your business context about related business partners, related master data, or related documents
  • Navigate to apps with additional functions to edit or analyze related business data

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